Friday, 19 June 2009

The Amanda and Lesley ' Feast of Delights' ...Yummy! ;-)

Yes, I suppose you could call this the 'Amanda and Lesley Show !'
So... no prizes for guessing where I went today!
But first stop was Newton Abbot station in order to pick up a fellow blogger, Joe!

Big smiles on our faces, off we went, as happy as could be! And we were even more happier when we reached..... Totnes.
Totnes is the sort of place (t'is pretty laid back!) which does not wake up ever so early.
Fat Lemons Cafe was not yet open...hence our joy when we found a hall, half way up the High Street, with a notice outside saying ' Coffee Morning' .
Coffee was 50p! Cake was 30p!
£1.60 for both of us!
And it was flippin' gorgeous;-)
At the top of the hill we made for 'Shabby Chick'.
Amanda and her lovely mum greeted us in their usual, cheery way.
It's always a pleasure to meet up with them...they restore my faith in mankind and I need a dose of that every now and again ! Especially today!

And Amanda's stall is so 'her'..full of everything delicious and tantalisingly tasty!
Free to look and savour the flavour....and such reasonable prices when you do want to buy.

I always love it all. I think Joe did too!

We actually visited Amanda's stall three times!! Each time was as lovely as the time before ... my appetite did not wane! Oh no!

I admired this lovely butter dish!

And then it was time to continue on our 'journey'...although a few hundred yards was all that we needed to step!
A dose of 'This 'N That' was on the menu !

I simply adore this lovely shop and Lesley is great, so friendly and so lovely.

A real step back in time.

'Time and Tune' booklets...what a surprise. I used to love this schools' radio programme!

I wonder how many wives or girlfriends knitted the casual holiday jacket for their men?!

Gorgeous mags from way back ....I do hope that she doesn't fall in!

Lesley fills the shop with such wonderful goodies!

BTW ...Totnes does have a lot more than this...LOL!
But these ladies just bring me such a huge amount of pleasure and I thank them for that!
After that, it was home for lunch and a natter, as my lovely daughter and son in law turned up unexpectedly, which made the day even more lovely...oh and a little matter of
Mr Snippets and his new iphone... but that's trivial compared to all things vintage, shabby and chic , isn't it?!
LOL ;-)
A big thank you to Joe for being such great company today!
Finally, many thanks to all the people who commented on my last post!
You are all very kind and it is much appreciated.. very heartening and reassuring!
Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

Thursday, 18 June 2009

My thoughts today!

What is it with many young girls of today?
Why do they always want the bad guys? Excitement maybe?
Old fashioned manners, being courteous, courting a girl properly, treating her well, helping her, showing respect at all times....
I have a son that does all that and where does it get him?
Sometimes life really does hurt,doesn't it?....and especially when you are a mum and you feel so helpless.
You can't can't say what you'd really like to say!
Big hugs Nich ;-)

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Clovelly (in Devon!)

I came across this rather charming postcard whilst I was looking through my mum's collection,early this morning.

Somehow, it had accidentally found it's way into the 'Somerset 'section! Oh dear me!

We can't have that, can we?

But isn't it beautiful?

I'd love to see if I can get it enlarged and framed, I'm so taken with it!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Snippets start the week ;-)

Yesterday, was the perfect day to spend in the garden!
Here's my favourite Foxglove..what a beauty it is!

When we moved here, eight years ago,we found three very large Strawberry pots, hidden at the bottom of the garden. And there they stayed, as being plastic, I rejected them!
Last week I decided to paint them with some leftover F&B ! I really wanted them red and blue but didn't have the colours.
However, they're 'acceptable' now...for the time being anyway!
I think this Norfolk windmill needs a good lick of paint too...shall I stick to white..or shall I be adventurous?
Here's where I spent much of yesterday, pricking out herb seedlings.
And here's my car boot buy (minus the mop)...I started to plant it as soon as I got it home.

Thinking of the booty, I also found these embroidered chair backs.
I wonder who puts chair backs on their chairs? My mum always did!
These are so pretty! (Too nice to chop up!)
They'll go on the pile, along with my two recent ebay finds...

And how about embroidered pic...Devon!
I just need to find the right frame for it!

On to buckles!
I've been looking for vintage buckles for I had an 'idea' a while ago!

And...I was really pleased to win this two yards of vintage cotton fabric...!
Finally, I reckon this is a bargain....
Hope you all have a lovely week..and that the sun shines for you ;-)