Monday, 15 June 2009

Snippets start the week ;-)

Yesterday, was the perfect day to spend in the garden!
Here's my favourite Foxglove..what a beauty it is!

When we moved here, eight years ago,we found three very large Strawberry pots, hidden at the bottom of the garden. And there they stayed, as being plastic, I rejected them!
Last week I decided to paint them with some leftover F&B ! I really wanted them red and blue but didn't have the colours.
However, they're 'acceptable' now...for the time being anyway!
I think this Norfolk windmill needs a good lick of paint too...shall I stick to white..or shall I be adventurous?
Here's where I spent much of yesterday, pricking out herb seedlings.
And here's my car boot buy (minus the mop)...I started to plant it as soon as I got it home.

Thinking of the booty, I also found these embroidered chair backs.
I wonder who puts chair backs on their chairs? My mum always did!
These are so pretty! (Too nice to chop up!)
They'll go on the pile, along with my two recent ebay finds...

And how about embroidered pic...Devon!
I just need to find the right frame for it!

On to buckles!
I've been looking for vintage buckles for I had an 'idea' a while ago!

And...I was really pleased to win this two yards of vintage cotton fabric...!
Finally, I reckon this is a bargain....
Hope you all have a lovely week..and that the sun shines for you ;-)


cocoa and blankets said...

Your garden is lovely Sal, my hay fever was so bad yesterday I couldnt go outdoors and tend my garden...I did a few hours on saturday and paid for it saturday night and all of sunday, had to go to work with no make up on today because my eyes are so one will recognise me withut the heavy eyeliner! have a good week...H

Josie-Mary said...

Garden looks great, I'll email you later with train times. Hope the weather is good :)

Menopausal musing said...

Wasn't it just THE most wonderful of weekends? "Bagsie" the buckles, the hankies and the mop bucket. You have much better boot sales down where you are than we have here. x

sue15cat said...

Your garden looks gorgeous. Love the planted bucket.

Can't wait to see what your 'idea' is for those buckles!!

Sue xx

Fiona said...

Your garden looks beautiful. Unless it looks worse than in the picture then I say don't paint the windmill. I think it looks lovely a bit shabby. Love all your recent embroidery finds. I need to top up my collection when funds allow.

Hen said...

Hi Sal,
Your lovely garden must keep you very busy. We have that St Ives railway poster, we have quite a few railway posters really! Loving the embroidery.
Hen x

Simone said...

Your garden is looking beautiful Sal- a lovely spot for a picnic! I can't wait to see your 'buckle project'!

This Vintage Life... said...

Great finds and pretty garden pictures...a lovely start to the week!
Deb x

funkymonkey said...

The garden is loooking so pretty. Can't wait until you show us your buckle project.


Country Cottage Chic said...

Your garden looks lovely! Are you growing strawberries? I have an ongoing battle with a bird over mine!

Lovely finds too - it was perfect car boot weather wasn't it?


KC'sCourt! said...

I like the mop bucket you have given me an idea. The embroidery reminds me of Church Steps here in Minehead. (Google ~ Minehead Church Steps, then click on "Picture Search", then click on "Church Steps Looking Down")
Julie xxxxxx

maria said...

I like the colours of the strawberry pots, it would have been a shame to leave them hidden at the bottom of the garden.

Hens Teeth said...

I did enjoy this post Sal. Your garden is a treat!

summerfete said...

Hope you have a good week too!
I've wanted one of those posters!

galant said...

Such a pretty garden, Sal! Love the foxglove!
Shire publish a book on buckles (one of their new imprints since Shire was bought by Osprey a year or so ago.) Love those hankies, too! Hope they will remain hankies, tee-hee!
Margaret P

Karoline said...

Your garden looks lovely

Linda O said...

Your garden looks beautiful, such lovely colours.
Your tubs look great, we have just picked the first of our strawberries.
Love the chair backs, my Auntie Ivy always had embroidered chair backs, and I love those hankies, what great finds.

THIS'N'THAT said...

Hi, I can see that you've been busy ;finding' and gardening! Love the embroidered pieces and as for the garden, well, when I grow up I want one like that !!

sharie said...

Your garden looks beautiful and is a credit to your hard work.

You know I love vintage embroidered linens. No, please don't cut them, I always think they are our untapped heritage (damaged ones are fine for cutting up)

Emma said...

Paint your windmill? Oof, I'd keep it as it is, but then I get excited about a spot of peeling paint and texture. Gorgeous garden Sal - what a lovely place to escape to.

As ever, you seem to have found some stunning embroideries. Such treasures!