Friday, 19 June 2009

The Amanda and Lesley ' Feast of Delights' ...Yummy! ;-)

Yes, I suppose you could call this the 'Amanda and Lesley Show !'
So... no prizes for guessing where I went today!
But first stop was Newton Abbot station in order to pick up a fellow blogger, Joe!

Big smiles on our faces, off we went, as happy as could be! And we were even more happier when we reached..... Totnes.
Totnes is the sort of place (t'is pretty laid back!) which does not wake up ever so early.
Fat Lemons Cafe was not yet open...hence our joy when we found a hall, half way up the High Street, with a notice outside saying ' Coffee Morning' .
Coffee was 50p! Cake was 30p!
£1.60 for both of us!
And it was flippin' gorgeous;-)
At the top of the hill we made for 'Shabby Chick'.
Amanda and her lovely mum greeted us in their usual, cheery way.
It's always a pleasure to meet up with them...they restore my faith in mankind and I need a dose of that every now and again ! Especially today!

And Amanda's stall is so 'her'..full of everything delicious and tantalisingly tasty!
Free to look and savour the flavour....and such reasonable prices when you do want to buy.

I always love it all. I think Joe did too!

We actually visited Amanda's stall three times!! Each time was as lovely as the time before ... my appetite did not wane! Oh no!

I admired this lovely butter dish!

And then it was time to continue on our 'journey'...although a few hundred yards was all that we needed to step!
A dose of 'This 'N That' was on the menu !

I simply adore this lovely shop and Lesley is great, so friendly and so lovely.

A real step back in time.

'Time and Tune' booklets...what a surprise. I used to love this schools' radio programme!

I wonder how many wives or girlfriends knitted the casual holiday jacket for their men?!

Gorgeous mags from way back ....I do hope that she doesn't fall in!

Lesley fills the shop with such wonderful goodies!

BTW ...Totnes does have a lot more than this...LOL!
But these ladies just bring me such a huge amount of pleasure and I thank them for that!
After that, it was home for lunch and a natter, as my lovely daughter and son in law turned up unexpectedly, which made the day even more lovely...oh and a little matter of
Mr Snippets and his new iphone... but that's trivial compared to all things vintage, shabby and chic , isn't it?!
LOL ;-)
A big thank you to Joe for being such great company today!
Finally, many thanks to all the people who commented on my last post!
You are all very kind and it is much appreciated.. very heartening and reassuring!
Have a wonderful weekend! xxx


cocoa and blankets said...

I cant wait to visit Totnes in OCTOBER...i love this wonderful I would have spent a fortune have a lovely H

galant said...

How I wanted to be in Totnes with you all today, but we had to be at Torbay Hospital instead for some tests for Himself. But I hope to get there before too long, to see Lesley and visit Shabby Chick whose stall I've yet to see. Glad you all had such a lovely morning!
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

As ever, such a lovely surprise to see you and Joe at Totnes today! Some great photos yet again and your words are ever so kind...THANKYOU! Lesley's shop looked lovely too...I had a late finish today so did'nt make it up to see her :-( ...had a virtual tour tonight instead!
Big big hugs for Nich...
and you of course!
Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

KC'sCourt! said...

I am definitely going to have to get back to TOTNES, I haven't been for nine years so it is a MUST! Anyway I need new shoes - I wear Conkers Shoes have done for the last twenty-odd years but usually buy online now!

landcuckoo said...

I've never been to Totnes and don't live anywhere near but now I'd really like to go! Thank you for the introduction and the visual tour around your favourite parts, I shall hope to get there in person soon.
Lovely pictures of lovely things
Take care and have a great weekend
Sarah x

funkymonkey said...

I do wish you'd stop showing pictures of Totnes because I live so far away and am cross at being left out of all the fun.


Guenievre said...

Bonjour !
oh, je rêve ... j'adore tout ce que tu présentes sur tes photos : vaisselles, tissus Et old books !
C'était vraiment une belle "fête", j'aurais aimé être à Totones ! I'd liked to be in Totnes ?.. Sorry for the mistakes LOL
Have a nice week-end !

twiggypeasticks said...

Looks gorgeous Sal
twiggy x

Sarah said...

Cor, I could have done with that kind of retail therapy today!
What lovely things.

THIS'N'THAT said...

Hi, It was lovely to see both of you on Friday! Many thanks for the great pics and kind comments. I enjoyed the views of Amanda's stall too ... usually I'm dashing around early in the morning whilst she is setting up so I miss seeing it in all of its splendour!!
Hoping to catch up with a few bloggers at Shepton tomorrow ... I'm really enjoying this summer :)
XX Lesley

marble rose said...

I so enjoyed this post - thank you - it was like I could actually have a browse around the stalls, even if I couldn't be there!

FYI- please visit Marble Rose to collect your well deserved and prestigious award!


Florence and Mary said...

Everything looks fabulous... I'm booking a train ticket to Totnes!

Victoria xx

Ellouise88 said...

Woo hoo Totnes here I come! Inspirational post as usual. Love reading your blog!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Totnes is certainly a magnet for me when we do make it down to Devon and especially these two lovely ladies and their tempting emporiums.. I only wish they were in Bath..

Glad you had a lovely day out Sal and had a distraction for the day.