Saturday, 15 May 2021

Bore off, Harry! You are such a disappointment! other news, privileged prince takes another swipe at his father, forgetting that, actually, his mother wasn’t an angel! Pathetic!

Has anyone else had enough of this never ending nonsense?! Because, that’s what it is! I have little sympathy! It’s cringeworthy!

We all of us have our own problems throughout our lives; we have our own issues; we suffer angst and we suffer grief. We all have to get through it as best we can and 99.9% of us don’t get paid huge amounts of money for pouring it all out on TV shows and podcasts!  Not only that, most of us haven’t had the privileged upbringing and the best of, education, travel, you name it, he’s had it. 

There were times when my childhood was difficult. I’m not unique in that! Similarly, my adult life hasn’t always been hunky dory. I gritted my teeth and got on with it as best I could. 

So, I’m sick to death of seeing this dreadful pair spouting their dreadful claptrap whilst raking it in very nicely! In fact...I think they are absolutely despicable! 

And the arrogance! What makes them so special anyway? He just happened to be born a royal but that makes him no more special than me...or you... or you ...or you....or you...

And as for his wife... what makes her, a second rate actress, any more special than any of us? 

Finally, he seems so insular and so wrapped up in his own past problems, that he is completely unable to think about others in his family who also suffered; his own brother also lost his mother! No consideration there, obviously. 

And thus, to conclude...

Bore off you despicable pair! End of! πŸ˜† 

Friday, 14 May 2021

More little things that please...


This pretty little plant has been with me for about 4 years. I kept the label so that I wouldn’t forget its name! I also kept it in its pot because it was doing so well. This year I repotted it. Next year, who knows!

It’s name: Anemone obtusiloba.

Family: Ranunculaceae

It’s a rare alpine plant and it’s actually native to the mountain regions of Pakistan, Burma, Nepal and Tibet. It sits happily in its shady spot. Meanwhile...

This little spot is full of interest. The mini narcissi are particularly lovely...they are extra teeny tiny and much smaller than the Tete a Tete variety. I think they are called, ‘New Baby’.They seem to get on well in the company of the Auricula.  The other thing I noticed is that they flower much later than other narcissi.

I admit to buying these Nemesia from a delightful nursery called Plant World, near Newton Abbot.These are way ahead of the plants that I’ve grown from seed and they do add a very welcome splash of colour to an old pan and a rusty chair!

At the same time, I purchased these trailing Geraniums...and they are doing a fine job already.

Finally, I think I’ve had more Violets in flower than ever before in this garden! Purple and white.These seem to have come from nowhere! And the flowering season has been a long one.

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Raised bed love!


I’m pretty new to raised bed gardening but I have to say that I’m quite enjoying it! πŸ˜„

We have five raised beds, which my other half made for me a couple of years ago...and he did them they are sturdy and nice and deep. 

 You would, of course, think that five would be plenty! 🀣

In one, I have Rhubarb, Strawberries, Roses, Onions....and Nasturtiums!

In another, I have Sweet Peas, Pot Marigolds...and Nasturtiums.

In another, I have Mangetout, Radish, Sweetcorn, Lettuce, Dwarf Sunflowers ...and Nasturtiums!

And in another... I have Dahlias, Sweet Williams, Cosmos, Gladioli, Penstemon, Sunflowers, Sweet Peas in the middle...and...yes, you’ve guessed...Nasturtiums!

I’ve planted Nasturtiums in every bed as I thought they’d look lovely trailing over the ends!

And as for five raised beds...I think I need more..and this has now been negotiated! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ‘

Monday, 10 May 2021

Banks, shady places and excitement!


A year ago, this bank was just a pile of earth! Isn’t it amazing how nature creeps in and takes over? Obviously, we have planted a few things such as the Erigeron Karvinskianus, otherwise known as Mexican Fleabane. However, we call it ‘Devon Daisy’ in our neck of the woods!

My biggest delight is the Ragged Robin, which I grew from seed last’s incredibly easy to grow from seed and I have another ‘batch’ in the greenhouse waiting to be pricked out!

Around the pond area are all sorts of Primula...and I’ve made a note to find some different varieties and add to these.

Also growing well is the Pink Campion...

And growing rather too well is the Greater Celandine ( Chelidonium majus) spreads like wild fire BUT it provides much nectar for insects. Amazingly, this plant is not related to the smaller celandine, which is a member of the Buttercup family. The Greater Celandine is a member of the Poppy family.

On the opposite side of our garden is a ‘shady area’ where ferns hang out with Pulmonaria, Heuchera, Foxgloves, Geraniums, etc etc. It’s starting to spring into life now.

And finally, I’m rather excited! This is the first year that I’ve grown Camassia and they are now in bud. Watch this space!

Saturday, 8 May 2021

So what’s wrong with Labour?

I was watching Sir Keir Starmer being interviewed. I wanted to smash the screen, take him by the scruff of the neck and give him a dose of what I really think! πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ 

I just don’t think he ‘gets it’!  I think I ‘get it’ more! 

The way I see it is that all of Labour’s energies are spent on attacking the opposition at every opportunity. I have Labour friends who do exactly the same. Their focus is all wrong. Until Labour changes its tactics and starts to understand that you have to offer something new, something different and something refreshing, instead of the constant bashing, Labour will remain static and continue to grow mouldy and not fit for purpose. You only have to look at, say, Twitter, to see how Labour MPs ‘have a go’, unnecessarily, at people who have different political beliefs. That’s not productive, it achieves nothing and it shows up the attacker for what they are! 

I also believe that it takes a certain type of person to be a leader. Just because you are knowledgeable in your field, it doesn’t mean that you can lead! A leader has to be many things and have many assets; I would question that the present Labour leader does not have those qualities to lead, not just his band of MPs, but also the country. You can bash Boris Johnson all that you like but he does have good leadership qualities as well as that that ‘certain something’ called charisma. People like him. And he loves our country. He’s not magnolia like Sir Keir!

Thus, Labour has an uphill battle, no two ways about it! And seeing that the way to go is not Socialism, it’s going to be extra difficult. Socialism is dead in the water. Communism and Marxism more so.  Everyone will NEVER be equal. We ARE a Capitalist society and we have to accept that and work on it...and that does not mean NOT looking after those in need. So whilst Labour is fighting amongst itself and even suggesting that it goes back to the extreme left in order to attract more voters ( rolls about the floor laughing at that idea πŸ˜‚), the government has got on with it and realised what it has to do to to help those in need. 

The difference is...that the Conservative Party is prepared to take a long hard look at itself and move with the times. The Labour Party isn’t! It’s stuck like a bad record, churning out the same old, same old,’ It’s not fair’ , whilst not realising it’s own hypocrisy ...with so many Labour MPs and Labour supporters being very rich and wealthy, sending their children to private schools and behaving like the Tory toffs of the past! It’s ironic really that you now have Hartlepool turning blue whilst the wealthy areas around London are voting red! Talk about topsy turvy!   ‘ Labour constituency Hampstead  ’ and Tory constituency Hartlepool’ are the strangest of oxymorons, aren’t they?

So...Labour, the party which was originally set up to represent and help the poorest in our country, is now the party of the wealthy and elite!  It truly is.

Isn’t it obvious what needs to change?

*** Incidentally, did you know that Hartlepool was, until 1974 and reorganisation, known as ‘The Hartlepools’. This was because there was the old ‘Borough of Hartlepool’ and ‘West Hartlepool’. 

Some clever person said yesterday that, ‘ The blues had ‘won the pools’...wish I’d thought of that!