Saturday, 15 July 2017

Gadding about!

It's been a while since I blogged!

That's probably because I've been busy, either teaching,

gardening... or gadding about!!

I enjoy all three but the 'gadding about' is especially 

thrilling! ;-)

We've been to RHS Rosemoor...twice!

The first visit was to view the roses, which were in their prime...oh my goodness!

I have never been so wowed as I was a couple of weeks ago.

The roses were simply splendid!

We caught them just right!

I was in my element!

Moving away from roses...

Recently, we had a wander around the little village of Kenton.

We didn't mean to but I got the opening time completely wrong and thus

we had time to kill as we waited for an open garden to...ummm... open.

Kenton is delightful and as you can see from the colour of the sky,

 this was, indeed, a very hot day.

But tempers didn't get frayed and we had a marvellous mooch!

We then visited 'High Garden'.

This is part of the NGS Open Gardens scheme

as well as being an independent nursery.

I'm a massive fan of the independent nursery!! 

It was beautiful.

Last weekend , we found ourselves at Budleigh Salterton.

It's very unspoilt, as is much of East Devon.

After a wander (plus lunch)

we went in search of another garden...

this time it was ' Yonder Hill', near Colyton.

This was a particular

pleasure as there were some lovely meadow areas, 

which were absolutely overflowing with butterflies.

A host of other delectable delights met our eyes.

How about this whopper of a tree fern?!

And this stunning herbaceous border completed the visit.

Which brings me to today!

This morning, we ventured to Wellswood village, in Torquay.

It's a quaint little place with just one row of shops 

but I love it.

A brunch in 'Wellies' was the order of the day.

After this, we headed to St Marychurch where what I call

the 'Hidden Gem' of Torquay is situated.

Tessier Gardens...such a beautiful and peaceful place.

These Achillea caught my eye... I have to have these in my garden next year!

And the Dahlias were a treat too.

Phew, I feel quite exhausted after all that 

See you next time!!


Friday, 16 June 2017

Roses...what beauties! ;-)

I have to admit that I've become a bit of a rose addict!

I've never grown that many but now I'm becoming more and more

 in love with them!

This is Kew Rambler and I think it might just be my favourite rose in the garden

right now...or is it? ;-)

It is so difficult to choose!

This one, above, is Wedding Day.

It's rather lovely as it begins life with almost apricot coloured buds

which open to give creamy yellow blooms, turning to white.

It's so very fragrant.

I bought, 'New Dawn' recently and it is beautiful...

This one is my newest rose... enter...Giggles!!

It makes me laugh; it's so full of fun!

I do believe that Albertine (above) is a must for any garden. As is...

Golden Showers just goes on and on..and on!

American Pillar seems to be weaving its way through the trees in our garden.

I just allow it to do its own thing, as they say!

 Mortimer Sackler, I've just planted against a new's beautiful too.

This little rose I found in Asda...just crying out to be bought and nurtured!

I've no idea of its name.

If you have a favourite rose, then do comment! ;-)

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Dartington Hall Gardens.

Just over a week ago, we ventured to Dartington Hall Gardens.

And a delightful trip it was too!

If I ever had the chance to study somewhere, I'd choose here! 

My dream would be to have a room overlooking the fine courtyard

and be a student, forever.

It was a beautiful day and we wandered to our hearts' content!

The photos speak for themselves.

This wonderful setting appeals to one's senses.

The sights are stunning!

There is a constant noise of birdsong!

The smells are rich and sweetly perfumed.

You can touch the beautiful barks of the trees.

And you might not be able to taste much but you

certainly gain a real taste for nature!

As for the sense of feeling...oh my!

It is hard to describe it but I came away feeling that

a trip here really helped to put things into perspective.

When we reached here, we had a treat...a Treecreeper was flitting around

 as well as creeping about.

What a delight and ...all for free.

To the families and the Darlington Trust who have cared for and nurtured these beautiful gardens,

I think they are owed a huge thank you. 

I loved this trip.

It cost nothing to go into the gardens...just a small parking fee...

and a donation at the main gate if you feel that you'd like to do so.

I'd say that was a jolly good bargain!