Friday, 12 April 2019

Going to the theatre...

Gardening, every hour of every day, would be my choice...

 ....was I allowed to have such a choice!

My garden is a country garden, where any plant or animal  is allowed to

do what it likes...(or any other creature.....)

...within reason!

                           So here we are; smack bang in the middle of the springtime ...

                           and, oh my goodness, what a show we have!


                        It's almost as good as the West End...and a darn sight cheaper!!

                                          And, of course, it's right on my doorstep...

                                          no travelling costs to consider!

I delight in seeing what the natural world throws at me, day after day...

month after month...

...year after year.

And this springtime is a real beauty!

You would be forgiven for thinking that these are not tulips (below)!

They are huge!

(When I think back to the autumn, I can't recall even buying them!)

                            And the Narcissi are completely out of place, really...

                           planted in the veg trug, which I don't use as a veg trug

                           but as a herb trug! That's me all over!

                           I never stick to rules when I'm in the garden!!

And talking of ponds (which we weren't!)

I have two container ponds... this space because we are in the process

 of adding a 'proper wildlife pond '

to our garden!!  This is so exciting! 

Meanwhile, back to Erysimum...the most 

dependable plant that I know...flowering 

on and on and on and on and on...

                                    Honesty and friends, grown in an old dustbin

                                    once belonging to my mum and dad.

                               And a new addition on Mothering Sunday, from Nich..

                                                             Clematis 'Avalanche'.

                                              Along with this beauty from Helen.

So...that's it!

I've resurrected my blog!

And tomorrow, I'm off to another theatre!!

One where the performers wear yellow... and,

hopefully, will do as well as all of those in my garden!!

Happy Springtime!


Monday, 25 September 2017

The beauty, peace and tranquility of RSPB Arne.

Whilst away in Dorset, we decided to spend the day at RSPB Arne. 

This was a real treat!

Although the car park appeared to be very busy, once we began to walk 

around the reserve, we hardly saw a soul; it seemed that everyone had

gone off on various paths and at various paces.

The most stunning part of Arne, during the summer, 

has to be the many carpets of Heather.

The ground was a mass of pink perfection; a most delightful sight.

RSPB Arne overlooks Poole Harbour and so you get the added bonus of

being able to spot many wading birds.

I would imagine that a winter trip is also a treat!

RSPB Arne caters for the whole family so what better way than to encourage

 your children to become involved in the world of nature?

I hope to return!

If I lived nearer then Id be here every week!

Click here for more info:

Monday, 28 August 2017

Beautiful Botany!

If ever you want a break away from it all, this is the place!

Botany Farmhouse is a delight! It's a perfect, peaceful piece of paradise!

We discovered this hidden gem over 20 years ago 

and it hasn't changed from when we first visited.

The owners, Carol and Graham are the friendliest people

 and they give their time to you; nothing is too much trouble.

The rooms are a joy!

There are two, equally delightful...and if you love vintage then this is vintage

at its best!  (Carol loves vintage fabrics!)

And oh my! The breakfasts!!

The extra little touches are oozing with charm!!

The breakfast room is simply lovely.

The bread is home made! And gorgeous!

You are given the jams and marmalades in little, vintage tea cups.

And all in all, breakfast is an inspiration!

Just the way to start the day! 

If you are lucky, at breakfast time, you will spot deer in the 

field belonging to Carol and Graham!!

I even saw them from our bedroom window

when I woke very early one morning.

I love Botany!

It's a little piece of heaven to which I hope

 I'll return one day... very soon!