Tuesday, 2 May 2017

A Grand Garden Festival! ;-)

On Friday, we took our annual visit to Toby Buckland's Garden Festival!

What a terrific treat!

The usual welcoming party was waiting to greet us...

And off we went...

One of my favourite displays is always Phillipa's fine array of

vintage garden goodies.

(Anyone for lacrosse?)

Having read Katie's blog, I was delighted/thrilled/ecstatic to

 find that Lavender and Leeks 

would also be at Powderham, this year!

It was so good to meet Katie and her dad.

Of course, there was so much more on which to feast one's eyes...

And I've not even mentioned the plants!

Finally...my favourite of all of the displays was...

...this little hobbit house.

Oh, for one of these at the bottom of the garden!!

An absolutely lovely day!


Friday, 7 April 2017

A proper, working nursery!!!

I've just returned from the nicest of nurseries!

It's a little place on the River Dart...Staverton Bridge Nursery.

This cheery sight greets you as you wanter through to the cafe.

And dotted all over the place are vintage bits and pieces...

all needing a home!

So, come with me and enjoy the wander!

I didn't want to leave!

I did come home with a few bits and pieces, which I will

show and tell another time!

For further details of Staverton Bridge Nursery, 

Click here