Wednesday 29 March 2023

Remembering Miguel…


Way back in 2008, we adopted a new family member..or maybe he adopted us! Every morning, at exactly the same time, he would appear at the bottom of the garden and strut his way up the path, making his presence very much felt.

What fun we had with…MIGUEL! It wasn’t long before we had him feeding from our hands. We adored him and he seemed to love us! From that time onwards, we always had pheasants in the garden…sons and daughters of Miguel; grandsons and granddaughters of Miguel..etc etc etc…But none were so special as Miguel!

Since then, certain ‘pheasant’ themed items have often found their way into out home! 

              I guess that Miguel will always have an influence!

We will certainly never forget Miguel and the pleasure that he brought to our garden!

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