Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Sweet Peas


Sweet Peas

Under the sweet-peas I stood
And drew deep breaths, they smelt so good.
Then, with strange enchanted eyes,
I saw them change to butterflies.

Higher than the skylark sings
I saw their fluttering crimson wings
Leave their garden-trellis bare
And fly into the upper air.

Standing in an elfin trance
Through the clouds I saw them glance….
Then I stretched my hands up high
And touched them in the distant sky.

At once the coloured wing came back
From wandering in the zodiac.
Under the sweet-peas I stood
And drew deep breaths. They smelt so good.

by Alfred Noyes


Prof A B Yaffle said...

Confetti cascading down en masse
Coloured balloons skyward trailing strings
Daubs of paint across the canvas
Fireworks and similar things

Patterns on Mum’s summer dress
A work of art in some gallery
Flamenco dancers in their frilly dress
All recalled from my memory

City lights shining so bright
Streaming ribbons in her hair
The twinkling of the fairy lights
The dizzying rides at the fair

Such subtle delicate fragrance
Such pleasure for any eye to see
Nature’s own portrait of elegance
The joyous delight of the sweet pea

Sal said...

What a lovely reply! Such aptly chosen words and phrases too!
Thank you!😁

Jane the Booklady said...

What joy! I love sweet peas and grew them successfully for the first time this year. A bunch can fill the room with perfume and it's such a joy to know that you are meant to pick them! Your lovely photo and poem captures them perfectly.