Friday, 27 August 2021

A woman’s work is never done!

So there I was, looking at the mess of a border in our ‘smaller garden’ 

and contemplating what to do!

      In no time at all, I had it all cleared and I was ready to begin the project!


      Luckily, I have the tools as well as the knowledge of woodworking…

     now isn’t that lucky?!

     I was soon able to whip up the shell of a raised border…I said to myself, 

     ‘Piece of cake’. Didn’t I do well? …..

Humping all the bags of soil was dead easy as I have good, firm tyres 

on the wheelbarrow!

     In no time at all…t’was full!  ‘This is going well’, thought I. 

     ‘I should do this for a living!’ 

      I carefully positioned the roses, that had been patiently waiting for a few weeks, 

     most of them having been either munched by the deer or rescued 

     from the old border. I’m confident that they will survive. 

     And I’m pretty confident that the deer won’t access this part of the garden.

      Then I set to, planting some Lavender and one or two other plants.

      My only job now is to neaten the edges of the wood so that it all looks 

      perfectly finished. Then I can grow a few trailing plants to soften the edges.

      And I even had time left over to admire the rest of the garden…

      …..and then plan my next project!


Prof A B Yaffle said...

Impressive work.
However, I really think you could enhance your work by fitting a mitred timber frame around the top.
This would give a better sense of proportion and finish it off.
Otherwise, well done and so I’m off now, back to my sewing and knitting.

Mary said...

Great job Sal, you should go into business, haha!!!
Agree that trailing plants will look lovely on the edges - and perhaps a climbing Jasmine up the lattice - or are they climbing roses perhaps?

Just cancelling the proposed trip home to Torquay for Sept/Oct. Really sad but can't take the chance yet - damn COVID - and now planning for next spring.

Mary -

Jane the Booklady said...

That is such a great job- you must feel very pleased with yourself! I look forward to seeing it as all the plants grow and naturalize. What a joy it will be next summer- Jane x