Saturday, 31 July 2021

A few of my favourite things…


‘Peace’ is my favourite hybrid tea rose. Also known as ‘Madame Meilland’, it was developed by a French rose breeder, Francis Meilland, sometime in the late 1930s. When he saw that war was going to happen he sent cuttings to his friends in various countries. ‘Peace’ the perfect name for such a beautiful rose.

An old sink is just perfect for the garden and you can utilise it in so many ways. Last year I planted my sinks with Thyme, Lavender, Salvia and Penstemon. I have two, one each side of my greenhouse door, and they always please me as I walk in and out of one of my happy places.

I became a fan of Chocolate Cosmos a few years ago, simply because it adds good contrast to the plants around it. It’s a tender perennial which produces tubers, so I’ll move it in the autumn and attempt to help it survive the winter. Fingers crossed!

I’ve grown to love Achillea! There are now some beautiful colours available and my plan is to use one of my raised beds, next year, for purely perennials. In fact this might spill over into two of my beds as I’ve so many on my list! I grew the Ageratum from seed and they have done really well both in my pots and my borders. I love the colour combination.

And  here are just a few more favourites that I snapped this week! 


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