Monday, 6 February 2017

The best of weekends! ;-)

A birthday is always a pleasant affair, especially if it's at the weekend 

and one can drag it out a little! ;-)

Naturally, it's made all the better when visitors pop in!

(Although it did clash with the rugby!)

A bunch of red tulips always gladdens the heart!

As do food gifts, especially when they are sent in such pretty

containers as this.

He always chooses a lovely card!

As does everyone else.

Gorgeous flowers from my these soaps,

packed full of sweet scent.

A surprise box...

Open it up and hey presto!

Sweet perfume for the Garden Room...aptly named.

More flowers...

This quirky clock...which made me  smile.

And then, on Sunday, I found myself here for birthday lunch...

The stunningly, beautiful Osborne Hotel.

So all in all...a very fine weekend !


Graham said...

A great birthday lunch for the lovely lady, hope you had a large helping of the sticky toffee pudding, would have been my choice.
Hope everything is well with you on the grand day.

galant said...

I didn't know it was your birthday, Sal! Many congratulations and what lovely presents, and what a lovely lunch, too. Not eaten there, it looked a good menu! Hesketh Crescent is wonderful, isnt' it? The Harvey Brothers built Wellswood Park, too. Both look Georgian but in fact they're early Victorian - but then, styles didn't happen overnight with a change of monarch! What a shame we don't still invest in such beautiful architecture these days. Too costly, no doubt, but built to last. Sadly, many 1960s buildings, built a whole century after these beauties, are being demolished. I don't mean I'm sorry they are beind delmolished, only that they were never built well enough to last longer than 50 years. They demonstrate the old saying, buy cheap, buy twice! Built cheap, build twice, eh?
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

Missed You! Great to see you back! :-)

Sal said...

I've no idea if I've missed you as you haven't revealed your name!