Saturday, 3 September 2016

                    Yesterday, we found ourselves in one of the most peaceful places in Torquay...

                    Tessier Gardens, St Marychurch.  My 'other half' has never been there

                     so I hoped that the gardens would be at their very best, for him to view!      

            Tessier Gardens is a stop off place for Nich and myself, when we venture that way

            en route to the football ground. (After all one does need an input of all things

            cultural and pretty before facing the gloom!!!!  LOL!!! )

                    The walkway under the arch is always pretty but this time it was the host of

                    Japanese Anemones that caught my eye! The pretty pink flowers danced

                     around happily, in the sunshine.

                               It was as if a party was being held by others began to join

                               in the fun!

                          It is a place for adults only...just in case you are planning to visit!

                                     Meanwhile, back at home, I have been busying myself.

                                     The lovely artist, Sarah Bell, along with her class, is visiting

                                    next weekend; they will be using my garden for inspiration for their            

                                    watercolour painting.

I've planted this stone trough to fill a little space which

was crying out for colour!

                                And my dad's old wheelbarrow is looking bright and cheery!

The newly constructed rockery appears to be behaving itself...

I only hope that the colour lasts a little longer!

                                                             Can you recognise this? ;-)


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