Tuesday, 21 February 2017

It's only February ;-)

I reckon that here in south Devon, we are very much a month ahead ...

spring has arrived very early....which means that

the garden beckons! In fact, I can even hear it shouting, 'Come on Sal!'

My first plan, last weekend , was to tidy the potting area.  It is my belief that 

if you haven't got a well organised potting area then you've no hope!

Four hours later and I'm happy and ready to go!

And it's always good to acquire something for my vintage place....my friend Lesley

gave me these. (We can always have sack races in the garden, when the summer arrives!)

These little beauties arrived today and they are called Dodecatheon.

I had one of the a few years ago and it always surprised me each spring..

An excellent service from:

I bought a variety of colours and  I expect to see:

Our bank at the bottom of the garden is full of snowdrops, which seem to multiply year in year out.

And along the old bank at the side of the garden, the narcissi wait perfectly patiently.

After all they don't want to steal the Snowdrops' prize moment, do they?

Little splashes of yellow, delight (aka cheeky crocus ) and could, at first glance, 

be mistaken for poached eggs!

And then there are the Hellebores....a joy! 

I bought a few hundred of old fashioned, wild English daffodils, last autumn. 

So delicate, so petite and so perfectly placed in the rough grass at the edge of the lawn.

You can't beat them.

And the periwinkle peeping carefully through its leaves...well the addition of this beautiful

little flower just adds to the pleasure.

And just when you think that's it... these Winter Aconite have been a joy on my little rockery.

What is this before my eyes?

I almost missed these Anemone Blanda.

It's all there... if you look hard enough!

The plants in my garden are having a ball!!

 And it's only February!



Linda said...

So beautiful. I've really enjoyed the tour of your amazing garden. Spring flowers were my favorite as a child growing up in Devon. Seeing them pop through the ground was one of my greatest pleasures. Sadly, where we live now in S.W Ontario, there are few of these delights. In fact, there's usually only a very short lived Spring - by the time Spring arrives, it's just about Summer!

Sal said...

Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed the tour! :-)