Sunday, 6 March 2016

Birthday treat.. part 2 ! ;-)

How absolutely marvellous that within striking distance of 'The Babbacombe Model Village'

lies this wonderful little 'step back in time'...aka Bygones.

It was one man's passion for Railwayana that led to the creation of Bygones.

In 1986, he purchased a 27 ton railway engine from Falmouth Docks

and a home was needed for it!  It just so happened that an old cinema 

was available in St Marychurch, Torquay and it had oodles of space

in which to house the railway engine; in fact there was so much space that the owners

decided to fill it with Railwayana ... and so much more!

And so Bygones was born!

In May 1987, it was opened to the public.

As well as the fabulous, Victorian street scenes, (where you can visit a

 haberdasher, a milliner, a post office, a sweetshop, an apothecary, a toyshop,

a bakery, a jeweller, an ironmonger, a grocer, a general store, a pawnbroker

and a public house  Bygones offers a peep at how some of the Victorians lived

their lives at home. 

It also reminds us of life during war time... as well 

as life in the trenches during that time.

And that's not all!

Bygones shows us how shops used to be....

And what would happen if you ate too many of the above....

Open wide now....!!!

And when you're in need of a rest, there's the cafe...

It's a wonderful visit and believe me, you need to visit this delightful

place, again and again...there's just so much to see and inwardly digest!

And when you've done that...

                                      Oh hang on...haven't we already done this? 

           This was the second part of my lovely birthday treat...thank you so much

            Nich and Lizzie! I loved it all!  ;-) 


KC'sCourt! said...

We love it there. Been a few times, we even donated a packet of wartime tea which is in one of the showcases
Julie xxxxxx

Nich said...

Ah, you are welcome! Already looking forward to our next visit ;-)

galant said...

I love Bygones!!! About time we paid this wonderful place another visit.
Margaret P