Sunday, 28 February 2016

Life in miniature! ;-)

A plant centre; a holiday village; a special football match; the zoo; 

the circus; a museum; crazy golf and so much all seems far too

much to pack into a Saturday afternoon!

Yet, that is what I did, yesterday...and boy, did I love every minute?!!

I even bumped into some old friends....

Nestled, in a little valley or 'combe', in the area of Torquay called Babbacombe,

is a delightful 'jewel' of a place, otherwise known as

 'The Babbacombe Model Village'

Opened to the public in 1963, it has delighted and amused all who

 have had the chance to visit.

It's quirky, it's full of fun and it's an inspiration.

As you stroll around, you wish that you could become

miniature and jump into the wonderful scenes, forgetting

all the stresses and strains of everyday life...

it is an escape and such a joyful one at that!

 Phillpots Garden Centre (Get it?)

This is a microcosm that delights!

I laughed and smiled all the way around...and then I laughed and smiled

all the way around, again! You definitely need to walk around a few times

in order to appreciate the very hard work that has gone into this project.

 Anne D Brakes Coach holidays!

You cannot fail to notice the 'play on words' (or 'puns' as I should say)

...someone has a sense of humour!

Here's Wombley Stadium and if you look closely, you find that

you are watching last season's F.A. Cup Final!

Come on The Arsenal!!;-)

Looking more closely... you'll notice a streaker on the pitch!

And uh-oh...and what's going on here?

And then, as if by magic, you are transported to the zoo!

Moving on to some ancient ruins...

 Clancy Abbey...ho ho ho..very funny!

But wait! 

The circus is in town; the big top has arrived

and there's some serious clowning around to be done!

Moving swiftly the museum and some eagerly awaited

Egyptian artifacts have arrived...

Look closely and you'll see that a mummy is causing a bit of a stir!

That done, you can go shopping...

If you get fed up with the shops, you can partake in some crazy golf...

And you can catch the train to anywhere...well you know how I love a train ride!

This beautiful scene, below, is based on Dartington Hall.


And new house is being built! How exciting!

A. Jerry Builder...the best, obviously! ;-)

 A Jerry Builder...reply: N Crease, N Price...LOL!

I'll be moving in soon then...having chosen the best removal firm in town...

 W.E.Scratchit Removals!

I hope that they look after my piano...ummm...errr!

It looks like a friendly place in which to reside!


I love a little bit of thatch! (As long as it's not mine!)

Here's Mockington Village....based on the famous Cockington Village.

...complete with the pretty church....and just our luck... there's a wedding taking place!

Meanwhile, just down the road, things are not all rosy

and joyous...but it's more like calamity has occurred!!


(What did I say about thatch?!!!)

There's a crowd already gathering at the Regal

waiting for the doors to open.

May the force be with you... and all that!

And who says that we don't look after our elderly folk...

what a lovely place to socialise!

What a wonderful visit!

And it's not just the models that impress but the careful planting of so many

dwarf shrubs and conifers...not forgetting the care of the many

areas of lawn!

This really is an amazing place!

I was lucky enough to be given this trip as a birthday present along with

 visit to another of my favourite places!!

(More on that later)

Thank you so much Nich and Lizzie...this really made my day!!


1 comment:

galant said...

Oh, Sally, that was a lovely virtual visit to the Model Village! It's years since we went there, perhaps 35 or more! My Uncle, when he came down from Lancashire to live with my parents and myself - he'd taken early retirement from what was then a high-powered job - for a complete change went into partnership with another chap in the village and together they had a chicken farm on what is now the car park of the Model Village. Their venture didn't last very long and I don't know the reasons behind them selling up, but I do think it was shortly before the Model Village was first constructed.
I love seeing the old Regal Cinema, too! What a shame that was demolished (as were a lot of other lovely buildings in the Bay.)
Margaret P