Saturday, 2 April 2016

Going undercover!

Last weekend, I moved my potting area to an undercover part of our garden.

Goodness knows why I hadn't thought of doing this before as now I can pot

to my heart's content, even when it's raining.

 I have oodles of room in which to work and not to mention all of this

 trellis on which to hang garden bits and pieces!

It's fab! ;-)

I have this passion for all things vintage and nothing excites me more than

a row of well used, old tools and the thought of what they

have been up to during their previous lives in the great British outdoors.

Not to mention old clay pots...

...and ladders...

My favourite, trusty, old ladders don't let me down and I have the perfect space for these.

I've potted up some Primula cuttings, which will hopefully do well

in this protected area.

And I've sown Nasturtiums so that they will trail down the ladders.

I'm on a bee and butterfly attracting mission

and I've re-potted numerous herbs which

survived our very harsh winter (not!)...LOL!

 Dwarf sweet peas have been planted here and there...

(not forgetting the climbing ones which have also been planted)

But one of my favourites just has to be the Cowslip.

And this combines very nicely with the pinky purples

elsewhere in the garden.

 In this bed I have foxgloves, pink polyanthus and Hellebores 

( which are for next year's flowering).

And my next job is to clean out this container pond.

  I have sown all sorts of things in tins.

And I'm waiting to see if the Lewisis, planted last year, has survived in this bed.

Seeds to the left have been planted...seeds to the right still to be done!

I'm happy!

And so, to finish off, a poem:

'In the Spring Garden'

In the spring garden
Birds sing and chatter
While flowers raise their heads
To greet the morning sun
A garden filled with colour bright
A garden which now fills with life
The bee and the butterfly hover
From flower to flower gathering nectar
Seeding the flowers blossom
Throughout the spring garden
The dew glistens upon the grass
While the wind gently rolls in the tree
All the world slowly waking
Soon to this bounty of great beauty
Every hue from natures pallet
Is here free for all to see
In the spring garden 


KC'sCourt! said...

What a lovely lot of gardening tools you have.
I purchased a Cowslip many years ago and keep it in its pot and it comes up every year
Julie xxx

Pennyblossoms said...

I am in awe and ever so slightly jealous of your fabulous potting shed. I think I need to aspire towards something like that, it's wonderful. As is the rest of your garden. A joy to behold!