Monday, 11 January 2016

My Devonshire Year ;-)

To be given a lovely book, is a joy; I was given such a book for Christmas!

This is one of the nicest books that I've ever had the pleasure to own.

It's one woman's diary from 1979 and it contains hand written accounts of the 

weather, flowers, wildlife and country life along with the most beautiful

watercolour illustrations.

It especially appeals to me because it depicts part of the county of Devon; 

a county where I was born and a county which I love!

The Jurassic Coast is of particular interest and this book

was written before the area was designated as a 

World Heritage Coast. 

I have resisted the urge to read the book all in one go!

Instead, I've decided to read each month of the book,

during that particular month.  Not only will that give me a chance 

re-read if I wish, but also to compare and contrast the nature

of East Devon with the nature of my own garden.

So here we go with January!



galant said...

I bought this book, too, Sal, when I first heard about it on TV. Lovely, isn't it? I still love, though, best of all The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady. Another book in this style is Janet Marsh's Nature Diary. There were a lot of these kind of nostalgic coffee-table books published in the late 1970s/early 1980s. Even dear old Brian Carter has his lovely book, Where the Dream Begins, published in the days when he used coloured pencils for his pictures.
Margaret P

Alchamillamolly said...

Hello Sal and Happy New Year to you and yours. I have been a bad blogger and reader in 2015. Today was the day when I decided I would catch up on my blogs that I have read for years. How nice it has been without the whizz and immediacy of Facebook to which I have to admit I have succumbed! I just want Summer to come now - I realise that I hadn't read you blog since your visit to Rosemoor and I enjoyed the beautiful pictures you posted. I took my redundancy in 2014 (no choice!!) but didn't endeavour to find another job opting instead to spend time with my husband (10 years older!!)and what a good choice it has been. We live on quite a tight income but you cannot buy time can you................ what we haven't done is enjoyed our beautiful Yorkshire countryside much, we have just been pottering at home, which is lovely but I think we have become a little inward looking this last year. I cannot believe your little granddaughter was bound for school! where does time go, I have been following your blog since it started many years ago now. I see that you stayed where you are, I was sure your house was up for sale at some point. Then I went on to your son's blog. What a delightful read it turned out to be. He has inherited your view of the world and the beauty that surrounds him and Lizzie in their lives. How lucky to work in such lovely surroundings. We must make the effort to leave our home anchor this year we are 60 and 70 this summer - what a milestone that will be. I have just bought my stepson the TinTin Tibet poster as his grandfather was on an early Everest exhibition and he has a lifelong love of TinTin like Nich. I am also inspired to make some Lego houses for next year from the huge trunk of Leog up in the loft. I am venturing up there tomorrow to finally put away the Xmas decs (!) and to find the boxes of Beatrix Potters things that I put away ready for my own children's children which will be arriving fast this year........... Your blog has also made me find some of the lovely children's books for the nursery as well as all the ones I have saved of my own and of the childrens. Gosh what a long comment this has been. All the best for this year and roll on Spring. Catherine

galant said...

How lovely it has been, not only to see your post, Sal, but to read Catherine's comments above. This is the good side of the internet, isn't it, where people can share their lifestyles and experiences. Margaret P