Saturday, 23 May 2015

Garden projects...part 2 !! ;-)

The 'end of May report' states:  'Progressing well'


We now have trellis; all the sweet peas are planted... and they are ready to romp!

I've planted a variety of perennials which will appeal 

to the bee/butterfly community.

But most of all...LOOK!!

We have a lawn peeping through the soil!!

Way hay!!

More about this in the future as we leave that for a while and our attentions

turn to the front of our property!

Overgrown and neglected, this was the hedge from outside our gate:

And from inside:

Something had to be done and it had to be done


Luckily, I know a 'man who can'!

Last Sunday, I went inside to teach one lesson and when I came out

my eyes met this, below.

(I hadn't noticed anything on the weather reports about a hurricane coming our way!)

Anyway...that soon became this:

And then EVERYTHING  was shredded and raked over the ground.

So then we had this :

And then the fence went up!

And that's where we are today!

We've planned a crazy paved path, which will lead to a garden bench.

After this...I've a selection of rather lovely cottage garden plants, including: 

Verbascums, Foxgloves, Valerian etc.

Rather than fence along our boundary with the old school hall,

I persuaded Mr S not to do so!

I think that the granite wall will provide a lovely backdrop for future tall plants.

Keep watching! ;-)


galant said...

I should think he's at least a stone lighter after all that frenetic activity, Sal! Well done, that man!
Margaret P

Bobbie Lynn said...

Wow! That was a lot of work. I Love the look of stone and brick housing. I can not wait to see you sweet peas and the fence is perfect for them. Thank you for sharing.
Have a lovely week.
Bobbie Lynn