Sunday, 10 May 2015

Toby Buckland's Garden Festival ;-)

On a very dull, wet day, last Saturday, we paid a visit to 

Toby Buckland's Garden Festival.

This event began last year and it was obvious that, due to its success,

it would be a permanent fixture on the gardening calendar for 

quite a few years to come!

Those keen enough to brave the elements, made their way to the

castle grounds.

I would rather have liked this shed to come home with me!

And as for this wonderful bench, (not for sale) which was covered 

with mosses and lichens...what a beauty!

There were many lovely, vintage and vintage style gardening goodies on offer.

Mr Snippets very kindly bought this lovely seat for our new piece of garden...

I think that we'll spend many happy hours sitting on it with our cuppa!

We did get very wet...but we tried not to let the weather ruin our day!

Next year can't come soon enough!


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Linda Gilbert said...

Very lovely and romantic xxx