Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Tavistock Garden Festival...and that seat! ;-)

An old mossy, lichened, garden seat, a cuppa, a good book

and the sunshine; what more could one want?! ;-)

This lovely scene caught my eye at the Tavistock garden festival, last Sunday!

Mind you, this wasn't all that caught my eye!

I suppose you could say that 'Chelsea-itis' was on the menu in and around the market hall!

All of those who love gardening, were there; probably they were just like me - 

 fresh from watching all fifteen  programmes or even managing to visit Chelsea.

It really does whet the gardening appetite!;-)

Stately Foxgloves dominated the hall; these being a fine apricot colour.

This was Endsleigh Gardens Nursery from Milton Abbot, just outside Tavi;

we hope to visit, next week! I've been told it's good! It had better be!

I'm not sure what the collective noun is for a group of watering cans!

Maybe a 'sprinkling'? ;-)

Any ideas?

Meanwhile, these beautiful Primulas caught my eye!

Ah milk churns! I do love their presence in the garden!

And I do possess one, which I obtained many years ago.

Therefore, I had no need to purchase this one!

Although maybe two? for the other one?

As I moved on, I noticed that the

 Hostas and Ferns were mixing very amicably!

Harmony in the garden; it's wonderful!

That's the beauty of gardening ; working out what looks

good with what and, as they say:

'In gardening there are no mistakes, just experiments.'

Too true!

Back to Foxgloves...this time it's white ones, which seem to be popular; now that's good

as I grew my own white Foxgloves, this year, and a real picture they are too!

The hall was alive!

The plants were calling 'Buy me! Buy me!' and the visitors

needed little persuasion! They happily obeyed!

As last year, my favourite display was from 'Wendy Hicks plants'

and I think it stood head and shoulders above everything else.

Apart from those stately Foxgloves, that is!!

I adored these Verbascum...a kind of apricot/coral colour...

is there some kind of apricot take over, this year?

Oh, what a joy to behold!

I didn't get to Chelsea but this was a very good substitute!

Needless to say, I came home inspired, enthusiastic...and with a much lighter purse!

So what did I bring home? had to be two apricot coloured Foxgloves; a very pretty and petite blue Iris; 

some of those Verbascum; a Primula Viali; an assortment of Thyme; 

two beautiful Clematis... and a delightful and very cheery Viola!

And ... of course, I returned with a good idea for my front garden 'project', 

which is coming on very nicely too!

I have the Foxgloves, I have the hat, I have the vintage china 

and no doubt an appropriate book can be found...I just need the seat!

Watch this space!


KC'sCourt! said...

The garden festival looked great. Love the seat
Julie xxxxxx

galant said...

Lovely! How about a Deluge of Watering Cans? Or a Zinc of Watering Cans (they are made of zinc, aren't they?)
Margaret P