Monday, 30 June 2014

Buckland Abbey

On Saturday, we found ourselves at Buckland Abbey,

once the home of Sir Francis Drake.

It's certainly well worth a visit.

As well as the Elizabethan House and the Great Barn,

the gardens are simply beautiful.

The Kitchen Garden is a place where I could stay all day, 

pottering to my heart's content.

This Sussex Buff appears to be enjoying itself in the sunshine.

I loved this gate! 

This newly born calf, below, couldn't have a better place to begin life.

Of course, there's nothing like looking over a country gate, is there?

And finally...a small display of vintage vehicles...

to whet the other half's appetite!

A beautiful display ... which accompanied the wonderful array of

 vintage items in the Great Barn.

Well done, Sian, on organising another great vintage fair! ;-)

All in all, a perfect day! ;-)

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