Friday, 27 June 2014

Pretty pleased! ;-)

I'm pretty pleased with what's going on in our small, back garden!

I call it 'Nich's Garden'.

It's a pleasant place, where the birds sing all day long

and the plants seem to thrive.

The buzz of the bees, in this little area, creates an ever present gauze of sound

and I also appear to have acquired a wasps' nest, in an old bird box,

which adds to the noise. 

I'm just waiting for the hornets to make their entrance

and then the garden orchestra will be complete!

I don't like hornets (who does?) but they usually

end up nesting here, somewhere.

This is Nich's old garden, which he tended for a few years

and he plied his trade as an apprentice gardener, in readiness for when

he gets his own garden.

I now know why he enjoyed it so much

because it is a truly delightful spot.

The Devon bank which runs along the boundary

is home to a variety of trees, plants and wild flowers

and as I mentioned, the birds don't shut up!

Nich used it mainly for vegetables and herbs and so I've

given it a different look this year.

The beauty of this little spot is that it is private (as is most of our garden)

and we value our privacy.

I always look forward to Nich's visits and when he comes to visit

 in a few weeks' time, I hope that he'll be delighted to

see that I've tried to keep it all in good order! Sweet Peas might finally be in flower by then!

I sowed them very late this year and planted them in a place

where Nich said things didn't, 'do very well!'

I'm hoping to prove him wrong!!


Bobbie Lynn said...

I love your garden Nich. Looks so peaceful and a great place to relax. Have a wonderful Weekend.
Bobbie Lynn

Lyn said...

what a very pretty garden.

Andi's English Attic said...

I've always enjoyed seeing pics of your garden. I bought and painted an old pair of step ladders for my garden just because you had! xx

KC'sCourt! said...

What a beautiful garden
Julie xxxxxxxxxx