Thursday, 17 April 2014

Waking up! ;-)

Woodpeckers is waking up!

At first glance you would think there is little going on...but oh no!

Things are getting ready to spring into action

And the birds are visiting throughout the day.

We've always had Woodpeckers in the garden...hence the name

of where we live.

And the Nuthatches too...such beautiful little birds.

Seeds have been sown... I have an extra patch to tend this year...

Nich's patch....he's flown to pastures new

but I know he will have taken the gardening bug with him.

What better place to whet your appetite

than Woodpeckers! ;-)

Meanwhile...breakfast time!


KC'sCourt! said...

Julie xxxxxxxxxx

Nich said...

There can be nothing better than sitting back on a spring day at Woodpeckers, watching the birds come and go. Life couldn't get any better than that ;-)

Bobbie Lynn said...

Your garden is so pretty and green. Wonderful photos of the Woodpeckers. Pretty birds. I enjoy watching the birds in my yard. We also feed them. All the babies are out with their parents. So sweet.
Have a wonderful day and Happy Easter.
Bobbie Lynn