Saturday, 19 April 2014

Garden matters! ;-)

Continuing with the garden theme! ;-)

This was once a really grotty area, way past its sell by date 

and desperately in need of a good sort out.

The trouble was, that in this place stood some

conifers...tall and woody and...horrible.

Anyway, in true Mr S style and with the help

of a new 'toy'  (chainsaw) he soon made quick work

of it all and hey presto!

(I forgot to take 'before' photos...and photos of the man in action!)

Meanwhile...seed sowing continues.

I've scattered some more seeds in Nich's 

old plot...Larkspur, Godetia and a mixture of

wild flowers.

Now I want the rain! Preferably tonight!

 I've sown some more seeds in the greenhouse.

Dahlia 'Bishops Children'...I've always wanted to try this variety...

so was pleased to find it

And, I can't resist more Foxgloves!

Some of the seeds that I sowed last Sunday have already germinated

and made their presence the Gazanias.

Finally,  'Moneymaker' tomato plants...I have to admit that I bought these.

Happy gardening everyone...and a Happy Easter! ;-)


Pennyblossoms said...

It looks a lovely new area to enjoy through the year. Well done Mr S!
I did a mass seed sow the other week and have 1 pea and one land cress seedling showing! I'll never achieve 'The Good Life' with that strike rate, will I?
Have a super Easter!

KC'sCourt! said...

You will have gorgeous flowers in the summer - I'm not green fingered I can't even grow Sunflowers!
Julie xxxxxxxx

Twiggy said...

Looks lovely Sal, it's nice to get back out to our lottie again.
Twiggy x

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Love it! I use ladders in my garden too, they are brilliant as shelving and yours look great. Hope your garden is a riot of colour with all the planting and wish you some rain, but at night and not too much please!