Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Lighter Inn, Topsham

I can thoroughly recommend the newly refurbished Lighter Inn, 

which is situated on Topsham Quay.

Mr S took me there for a birthday lunch, at the end of last week.

The food was excellent; the service was spot on!

We sat in a window seat, watching the 'goings ons' on the quay and

 loving the blue sky ... a bit of a rarity nowadays!

And this colourful mural caught my eye;  I think it sums up Topsham:

Thank you for a lovely day, Mr S!! ;-) xxx


Anonymous said...

The pleasure was all mine

Down by the sea said...

I love the mural too, we have always enjoyed the meals here too. Glad the weather wasn't too bad for you either. It's amazing the damage caused to the Goat Walk. Sarah x

dosierosie said...

Must pop in there next time I visit Daughter.

galant said...

That looks so much better, Sal. When I last looked in The Lighter Inn I came out in a hurry. Everything I touched was sticky and it just smelt of stale food. I hope the food matches the bright, cheerful décor.
Margaret P+