Sunday, 23 February 2014

Tutus and candles... and everything else in between! ;-)

When I was about 9 years old, I yearned to have ballet lessons!

I spent many hours at the theatre, in Torquay, watching the ballet.

We were lucky enough to see so many well known

visiting ballet companies, such as Ballet Rambert

and I spent many hours making little project books and researching 

 my favourite ballet dancers. 

I wasn't allowed ballet lessons ; my parents thought that piano lessons

were preferable! 

However, my mum did buy me a little pair of red ballet shoes,

along with a couple of LP records (Swan Lake and The Nutcracker)

and me and my sister would dance away, to our hearts' content!

Spotting these delightful little place mats, yesterday, brought back those memories

and I felt myself doing a few twists and twirls as I walked around.

Anyway...putting away the tutus, arabesques and pirouettes,

I moved on, with my camera, to savour the delights of the Tavi fair.

And it was a delightful fair too.

The day was fine, the crowds surged in and the goods were tempting.

Here and there, were little reminders that spring is on the way!

Sam's candles took pride of place in the middle of the hall.

How I love her use of, amongst other things, Toni Raymond pottery!

I always think it's wonderful if you can source local,

 vintage items and Sam always seems to find some interesting bits

in which to make her candles.

We have both been very much 'under par' this week, with the dreaded cold, cough etc.

But Tavi was a good tonic...even though one of us was tired

at the end of the day!

The next fair at Tavi is on Sat 12th April.

I'll be there...hope you will too!



KC'sCourt! said...

Think everyone one has coughs and colds just lately, but Tavistock looked great, a real tonic, I wish I could have got there, but never know what the road is like between Okehampton and Tavistock this time of year. Do you know what I always wanted to be a Ballerina to but my mum thought Ballroom dancing would be far better!
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Linda Gilbert said...

Oh! My goodness I wish we could gave stopped places at seven! I hated,hated,hated the ballet lessons my Mum made me attend with Cynthia Vittles above a cafe in Courtenay Street.
I see one of my chairs made its way to Tavi.
Get better soon x

Sal said...

It wasn't our chair!!! We were minding it for a girl on the opposite stall who had nowhere to put it!!

Jacqui Wise said...

Wish I could have been at the fair. I love the Swedish pot with lid and the little hand stitched collage pictures as well as the unusual candles. I collect Toni Raymond pottery although I haven't purchased a new piece for a while. I've also never seen jelly moulds used as candle holders before. What a great idea. Hope you're feeling better soon.

green glamour said...

hi your blog is as lovely as ever. from hesta hope you well xx

Anne said...

Just found your blog. LOVE all the pics!! Anne

Graham said...

Proof you are working Mr Snips there Sal, a holiday in the sun about now would do wonders for coughs and colds and his recovery.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't tired
Out of camera shot was my iPhone nestled on my lap
I was actually playing a game "Dumb Ways To Die"
Appropriate for the occasion some would say