Saturday, 25 February 2012

Who will buy this wonderful feeling? (aka The Street Cries of Chipping!)

(To be sung... however you wish ...but might be useful to listen to this first or listen

alongside as you read ... to get the gist!!)

Who will buy this sweet roses fabric?
Only two pieces a penny!

Who will buy my sweet roses fabric?
Only two pieces a penny!

Hats!! Luverly hats!!

Will you buy any hats today, mistress?

Any hats today, mistress?

Buy my hats, today!

Hats luverly hats!

(Ripe strawberries, ripe!)

Hats luverly hats!!

(Ripe strawberries, ripe!)

All sizes for big heads... and small!!


Sweet roses fabric?
Only two pieces a penny!

(Any hats today, mistress?)

Sweet roses fabric?
Only two pieces a penny!

(Any hats today,mistress?)

Who will buy my bunnies?

Buy my bunnies!

Who will buy?

Sewing Machines!

Come and buy my

Sweet sewing machines!!

Sew yourself a wonderful dream!

Machines...come buy my machines!

Ripe strawberries ripe!

(Who will buy my sweet roses fabric?)

Ripe strawberries ripe!!

(Who will buy my sweet roses fabric?)

Who will buy?

Who will buy?

Ripe strawberries , ripe!

Puffs...puffs...and more puffs!

Try my puffs...

ye olde Suffolk Puffs!

Who will buy my sweet Suffolk puffs?

All the way from Cornwall.. ( LOL! ;-)

Have a heart me dearie!

Who will buy this wonderful morning?

Such a sky , you never did see!

(Who will buy my sweet roses fabric?)

Who will tie it up with a ribbon?

And put it in a box for me.

(Ripe strawberries , ripe!)

So I can see it at my leisure , whenever things go wrong.

And I can keep it as a treasure, whenever things go wrong!

Ripe strawberries,ripe!

Ripe strawberries,ripe!

Who will buy my sweet, juicy strawberries?

Fine fabrics!

Buy them here!

Fine fabrics!

There must be someone who will buy?!

Who will buy this wonderful feeling?

I'm so high I swear I could fly.

(Ripe strawberries , ripe!)

Me oh my I don't want to lose it

So what am I to do?

To keep the sky so blue?

There must be someone who will buy!

Come and buy!

Come and buy my pretty brooches

Only three for a penny! ;-)

Come and buy my pretty brooches!

Only three for a penny!

Buy... my new magazine! new magazine

New magazine!

Read all about it!

Come and buy!!

Read all about it!

Who will buy?!

Who will buy my sweet roses fabric?
Only two pieces a penny?

Come and buy my roses fabric
Only two pieces a penny!


Buy my clipboards!

New on the market!

You saw 'em 'ere first!

Who will buy?

Cheap at half the price!


Shoes...wonderful shoes!

Shoes...wonderful shoes!

Who will buy?

Sweet red shoes!

There must be someone.... who... will... buy ?

And so it was...the cacophony continued throughout the day!

The street cries of Chipping Sodbury could be heard far and wide!

And they all followed the cries to the town hall.

And there they did gather.

For a feast of fabulous fabric, fashion and fun!

Thanks to...

Michele and Jayne!

for another wonderful...

' Original Vintage and Handmade Textile and Fashion Fair'

(And a little bit of thanks to Lionel Bart for the inspiration)


Do the real thing!!

There'll never be a day so sunny...that could not happen twice!

Wanna bet?!



Country Cottage Chic said...

You never fail to impress with your clever bloggy posts Sal! Hope you never run out of inspiration!


KC'sCourt! said...

Looks like you had a good one!
Couldn't make yesterday......perhaps next time!
Julie xxxxxx

Cowboys and Custard said...

Forgive me for not singing along Sal... my voice is rather croaky today after all the chat of yesterday at the fair. Another classic from Mrs Snippets!
Lovely to see you both again and your glorious display of fine fayre!

Michele x

Andi's English Attic said...

Oh that hat! Perfection. xx

The Weaver of Grass said...

I am rather partial to that hat -= could have worn it to my forthcoming wedding do - saved the money for my fascinator.

I have just sent a hand sewing Singer to Africa - only been used about twice and kept in good condition. I hope some lady over there can make some kind of living using it, rather than it mouldering in my boxroom.

Anonymous said... usual!
Glad you had a fab day!
Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

selfsewn said...

I'd buy two pieces of your lovely fabric for a penny!!!

Grumpy Old Woman said...

What a fab blog Sal!
Yes, didn't we have a lovely time yesterday?
And it was GREAT to see you both....

Thefabricofmylife said...

Brilliant as ever Sal and yes it was lovely to see you and Mr Snippets there although I didn't get to speak to you much x

galant said...

Ooh, that was fun, Sal ... but it's all rather left me with a yearning for, dare I say, miniamlism and to be surrounded by taupe and beige!
(Only joking!)
Margaret P

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi Sal wonderful cheery piccy post.
On the picture where there is a rack of curtains/bedspreads there is a hat box behind the rack. Firstly was that your stall? if not do you know who's it was? I collect those patterned boxes and that one looks wonderful.......... Can you help?