Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Midweek Snippets!

I'm loving this article :

Here's the book from which the extract comes:

Has anyone bought or received flowers from Asda, lately?

Well, I have and I've been delighted!

£2 a bunch for a mixture of roses and carnations!

The selection in the Newton Abbot Asda has been

excellent compared to what's been on offer in

M&S , nearby.

Not only that, they have lasted!

Meanwhile, I'm all packed and ready for...

Hope to see some of you, on Saturday, at:

The Vintage and Handmade Textile and Fashion Fair

Chipping Sodbury Town Hall

I'll be there with my vintage fabrics.

And a selection of handmade goodies

Finally, if you're into scrapbooking etc...

I recently purchased a few liquid pearls from, The Craftz Boutique.

The service was first class!


KC'sCourt! said...

Those flowers are just perfect! The colours are so pretty.
Your handmade goodies are very pretty too!

Anonymous said...

Great photos in that 50's childhood article...I was a 60's/70's girl myself but have really happy memories of my countryside and seaside carefree days!
All the very best for the fair this have some absolutely gorgeous fabrics going with you!
Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

Anonymous said...

Well! whoever is expecting delivery of that boy will be disappointed
They will be getting a card through the letter box from 'posty'
Because he doesn't have sufficient postage
In any event I am not entirely sure he would fit in the pillar box, surely a policeman of all people would know this.

Anonymous said...

Do remember

Post a comment and NOT a small boy