Saturday, 21 January 2012

Two Stannary towns...some finds...and a sad goodbye!

Today, we had a 'jolly jaunt' across the moors to Tavistock.

Tavistock is an old Stannary town.

If you didn't know, Stannary towns were towns where

refined tin was weighed, coined and sold.

I quite like Tavi and it is one of those places which has an old market hall

which has kept its character...unlike the market hall in the town where I live!

Newton Abbot market hall was once oozing with character but sadly

the stalls have been re-designed so that you can't

see over them to get an overview of the hall.

Tavistock market hall is much nicer and how a market hall should be...

in my opinion! ;-)

Tavistock market hall has a good range of products on offer from crafts

to vintage bits and pieces to books and foods etc etc

It's a fine place for a good old rummage!

We bumped into the lovely Sian, who is the organiser of the now famous

Tavistock vintage fairs! She has her own stall at the market hall.

We'll be returning to Tavistock on Saturday Feb 11th

as I'm doing my first vintage fair of the year

at Tavistock Town Hall.

After a wander around we drove back to Ashburton!

Ashburton is also an ancient Stannary town.

We spotted no tin but there was plenty

of vintage being shown off to its best at

The Vintage Emporium.

A gorgeous shop indeed!!

And Sarah just happened to say that they had plenty more coming in...

so a good excuse for another visit soonish!

I came back empty handed though!!

However, I have found some interesting bits this week!!

A lovely tea towel...

A book, which is on its way as I type...I can't wait to 'show and tell' it!!

Various pieces of vintage fabric...

Finally...some sadness is occurring!

If you've never been to Lesley's fabulous shop

' This 'n That ' in Totnes

then you have a week to get there!

Sadly, it is closing!

There will still be a 'This 'n That' in some form but

Lesley is taking it in a slightly different direction.

I will really, really, really miss going into this little shop when I wander along

The Narrows in Totnes . It was, after all, an 'escape' for me and

a chance to revisit my childhood.

Anyway, I wish Lesley and Paul all the very best with

their future ventures and, hopefully, I'll be nipping down

to do one last blog post before 'This 'n That' closes

its doors.

Three cheers for, 'This 'n That' and all the pleasure that

it has given me!! ;-)


The Weaver of Grass said...

I had never heard of a Stannary town Sal, so thank you for that info. Always sad when a shop you love closes its doors isn't it?

Down by the sea said...

I loved the pictures of Tavistock Market we have spent many happy holidays in the area in the past 15 years and have found there is always something going on in the Market with many happy customers milling around. Hope you have a successful day in February, what a shame we won't be back in Devon until March!

Linda Gilbert said...

We used to live in Tavistock in the early eighties so I have very many happy memories of that pretty town. My goodness it can be wet and drizzly in the winter though!

Lyn said...

What a great place, I have never been to Tavistock but it looks like a place I need to put on my list!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect day out three favourite local towns...Tavistock, Totnes and Ashburton!
Sad that Lesleys' shop lease has expired but great news that This 'n' That will continue and of course the brilliant Nostalgic Mix Fairs!
Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

KC'sCourt! said...

I love Tavistock and try and go everytime we have a long weekend at my dads. There are so many places to explore in Tavistock, and always try and go on a Saturday when the Market has all the stalls out. We found a wonderful second hand book shop last time we were there!
Julie xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've picked up lots of lovely bargains. Such a shame about This 'n' That it sounded like a wonderful little shop.

Country Rabbit said...

how wonderful ;0)
you have visited all my favourite places- Tavistock especially for the market!...and charity shops.
This n that was a lovely place to visit in Totnes!- i loved that shop and its nostalgic charms!.
also the lovely market square there too...Ashburton i have only briefly visited but must go again.
thanks for your lovely photos x
i must remember that date to visit tavi again and maybe purchase some of your lovely sals snippets of wonderful material x

Bohomumma said...

Tavistock looks lovely, and so many great things at that market! Do love Ashburton too, and am fascinated to find out what stannary means, had heard the term but never knew before.

Sad news about This n That closing down, that was always a highlight of a trip down to Tottie, but look forward to learning what they'll be doing instead.


Hi Sal, Than you so much for your kind words about our shop. It will be hard to leave but after seven years selling old and new I think that I'm ready to concentrate on finding and selling the 'old' and enjoying the freedom that will bring! Not long until the next Nostalgic Mix fair either :) See you soon.
Love Lesley

galant said...

Like you, I love Tavi! But so sorry tolearn that Lesley is closing but hope that she will enjoy the freedom of not having to look after the shop.
Margaret P