Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Meggy has passed the 11 month mark and is well on her way to

her first birthday!!

Can you believe that?

She is the most beautiful and placid little girl and we are lucky

enough to see her fairly often...along with her wonderful mum and dad.


On Saturday, we paid a visit to an Antiques fair in Exeter.

It wasn't much cop, as they say ... too much jewellery and china

for my liking but I did spot this, unopened and a mere snip at around £45 :

I didn't buy it, I hasten to add!

I also spotted and bought this bargain:

I opened it and there were some coloured candles inside.

It wasn't until I got it home that I found a

receipt inside... from January 1955.

Candles for Angel Chimes (who remembers that?!)

6 shillings.... and 1 shilling and sixpence postage!

Only three of the candles were used.

It's funny how a girl can be quite happy with a box of coloured candles...

and a tin of vintage cotton reels!!


And finally... here's a sneak preview of some vintage fabric

which is about to be added to my shop!

All gorgeous...but not half as gorgeous as...



WinnibriggsHouse said...

Beautiful girl, and lovely finds. Adore the candles and how brilliant to have the original receipt!

vintagerockchick said...

I had a Post Office set like that. I loved it - and I'd have been excited to have found the receipt too. Not sure what Angel chimes are though?

Sal said...,r:0,s:0

Twiggy said...

lovely finds and what a total poppet !!
Twiggy x

KC'sCourt! said...

Your little SweetHeart is gorgeous, when is her birthday?
I had a Post Office Set just like that. Love the "Posh" Candles I picked up some "post" dressmaking pins in a charity shop once with a Harrods label
Julie xxxxxxx

LissyLou said...

What a lovely post - she is a cutie! and i'd love that recipt! what a find - you should frame it xx

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little cherub, bless her cotton socks. Lovely buys, especially love the candles with receipt.

Amanda said...

Gorgeous little girl. I loved those post office and sweet shop sets, but £45? Eeek.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Oh Sal,

Your Granddaughter is just adorable. : ) Wow, almost a year old. How time flies.

Graham said...

Almost a year for "Gran" whats the betting the first cake is already in the planning stage.
Come on Helen, Grandpa Snippets is awaiting his grandson.

Anonymous said...

lol Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

Kelly said...

Meggy is so gorgeous, I love seeing her photos!