Saturday, 6 August 2011

A day off...

Yeah right!

I've had such a busy time with my teaching since the summer hols began

and so when I found that I had a rare day with no lessons booked,

I jumped with it was a Friday!

We all know where I love to be on a Friday!

Morning coffee here, obviously!

And then, 'off we go to do the sights of Totnes'!

And fine sights they were too!

Amanda had put on her usual stunning displays!

The market was overflowing

with a wealth of wonderful and wacky offerings.

Lesley's shop was just a joy to behold

and full of the loveliest, vintage, childhood treasures.

Shop windows shouted, 'Come in!'

And then of course there are the beautiful buildings which

go nowhere but watch over the business of this bustling town.

The Royal Seven Stars provided us with a snack lunch.

It was a fab day, filled with fun, friends... and plenty of flowers!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Snippets Corner! ;-)

Come in...I've been expecting you! ;-)

Welcome to my little escape!

Escape from what ? You might well ask!

I've filled it with a few of my favourite things!

Now for the outside!


Monday, 1 August 2011


I'm loving the colours in our garden at the moment!

I have a passion for red Geraniums.

I'm loving this little gem, above ,

which took me by surprise, yesterday!

I'm loving these very bright, orange Gazanias

which I found recently, in good old Newton Abbot!

I've been loving the street markets in my town, just lately.

I'm loving my browse around Jane's little shop,

'Vintage Now Interiors'

which is oozing with an abundance of lovely things.

Loving the little walks around the village where I live.

And loving, so much, this little scamp...the gorgeous Meggy, who is now almost 6 months old

and more adorable as each day goes by!