Monday, 1 August 2011


I'm loving the colours in our garden at the moment!

I have a passion for red Geraniums.

I'm loving this little gem, above ,

which took me by surprise, yesterday!

I'm loving these very bright, orange Gazanias

which I found recently, in good old Newton Abbot!

I've been loving the street markets in my town, just lately.

I'm loving my browse around Jane's little shop,

'Vintage Now Interiors'

which is oozing with an abundance of lovely things.

Loving the little walks around the village where I live.

And loving, so much, this little scamp...the gorgeous Meggy, who is now almost 6 months old

and more adorable as each day goes by!


KC'sCourt! said...

See I am going to have to investigate Newton Abbot a bit more! Last time we passed through Newton Abbot all we saw was a giant superstore, can't even remember what it was called because I tried to ignore it!
Julie xxxxxxxx

Pennyblossoms said...

What a lovely collection of photos!
Ah, Meggy looks so cute!
All those produce stalls look good enough to eat (ha ha).
Sadly, my passiflora got killed off in the snow this year, which surprised me, as it's survived several cold snaps before. Now on the lookout for the red version.
I did at last post about my lovely clipboard, so, once again, many thanks!
Z xx

Linda Gilbert said...

I can't believe we shall have a little Granddidlilicous one like that next yesr. She is scrummy enough to eat!

Alix said...

Not hard to see why you're loving these things, especially sweet little Meggy!

Twiggy said...

She is a beauty :) lovely photos, I have a passion for red geraniums too.
Twiggy x

Anonymous said...

I'm loving what you're loving too!!!
lol Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

Menopausalmusing said...

What a poppet she is! Just gorgeous Sal. Have just had a lovely time looking at the puzzles on your previous post. All the sweets and chocolate bars that are now only a memory.........

Country Cottage Chic said...

You certainly have lots to love! Meggy is just a poppet!


vintagerockchick said...

Lovely photos Sal - makes me want to go there right now! x

Miriam said...

Meggy is un amore!!! as we we say in Italy, and your village is very nice too! I like your typical little villages. Thank you very much for this photos!
Miram (from the south of Italy)

Bobbie Lynn said...

Wonderful posting Sal. thanks for sharing your garden and your neighborhood. Your Grand-daughter is so adorable.
Have a beautiful weekend.