Saturday, 6 August 2011

A day off...

Yeah right!

I've had such a busy time with my teaching since the summer hols began

and so when I found that I had a rare day with no lessons booked,

I jumped with it was a Friday!

We all know where I love to be on a Friday!

Morning coffee here, obviously!

And then, 'off we go to do the sights of Totnes'!

And fine sights they were too!

Amanda had put on her usual stunning displays!

The market was overflowing

with a wealth of wonderful and wacky offerings.

Lesley's shop was just a joy to behold

and full of the loveliest, vintage, childhood treasures.

Shop windows shouted, 'Come in!'

And then of course there are the beautiful buildings which

go nowhere but watch over the business of this bustling town.

The Royal Seven Stars provided us with a snack lunch.

It was a fab day, filled with fun, friends... and plenty of flowers!


galant said...

That's almost my ideal day, Sal!
Margaret P

KC'sCourt! said...

Me thinks another trip to Totnes is a must! I will try Lemons, for a change. Did you see the the Dolly I made Caitlin, she'll be two next week.......where has those two years gone?
Julie xxxxxxx

Miss Holly said...

Oh...would I have loved to be there!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see you and lovely photos as always Sal!
Have shared your post on my and Totnes Markets' Facebook pages if you don't mind?!
Will be over in the week with deckchair delivery and summerhouse inspection...get the kettle on!
Lol...Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

Rosie said...

I am heading off to Devon tomorrow for a few days and I will be stopping off at Totnes this time! After seeing your photo's I can't wait.:)

THIS'N'THAT said...

Lovely to see you two in Totnes on Friday. I've always thought it the best place in the world to be on a Friday (long before I'd even dreamed of having a shop). Thank you, once more for featuring This'n'That on your blog.
Love Lesley X

Jewels said...

You had me at "vintage children books" LOL J