Saturday, 30 April 2011

Liz and Phil's day out! ;-)

'Thank gawd that's over, Liz,

It cost us too much lolly!

I'll tell you what we'll do today...

Let's go on a little jolly!''

''In Charles' Aston Martin,

I'll take you for a zoom!

I know a little place,

Goes by the name of Frome!''

''Where the fox hat, Philip ?''

'' Now watch yer language, Liz!''

You fink yesterday was good...well..

This place is the biz !''

''Cheese and Grain, eh Phil?'

Now that's a funny name!

But wait! It's full of vintage stuff!

I'm so very glad we came!''

'' I've seen Charles and Diana mugs, Liz,

The design so very pleasant.

I recognised the faces...

Would they make great presents?''

''And vintage ear muffs, Philip!

Do we know someone they'd fit?

They come in extra large!

And they do look a good knit!''

'Oooh hats galore here, Philip!

I think one will buy the lot

One will give them to dear Beatrice so

She no longer looks a clot!

'I've seen upholstered chairs!

You'll find nothing finer!

They're almost as good as our...

Parker Bowles recliner!!

''I'm loving every minute of

This extra special day!

Do you think, Liz, we could transform Buck House

In a very vintage way?''

''We've mingled very well, Liz

Now let's do the town!

I don't think we've been recognised!

Even though you wore your crown!''

''So many lovely things,

One could easily afford

I simply have to give my

Duke of Edinburgh Award!''


Next time you visit Frome, for the

Vintage Bazaar ... or St Catherine's Hill

Keep your eyes and ears open... cos

You might bump into Liz and Phil!



Thursday, 28 April 2011

Come on...we have a wedding to get to!!

Come on...get yer glad rags're invited!

I did this on my Facebook page after Nich told me about it...
and it is hilarious!! ;-)

This is what you do...

1.Take your mother's first name
2.Then take the name of your first pet
3.Finally,the name of the road in which you first lived.

(Or, if you are a bloke, then do your father's name)

Put them all together and put 'Lady' (or 'Lord') at the front!

That's your royal invitation name!

Mine :

Lady Muriel Nibbles Hilton!!! LOL ;-)

And my friends who joined in so far:

Lord Christopher Smudge Castlewood

Lord Cyril Binky Wishings

Lady Margaret Hoppity South

Lord David Dinky Berwood

Lady Susanne Purdy Alton

Lady Barbara Bella Cheyne

Lady Winifred Sally Sutherland

Lady Barbara Hammyhotfeet Binden

Lady Grace Lenny Beaconsfield

Lady Vivien Blackie Elsiedene

Lady Margery Tinker Northcote

Lady Catherine Snowy Kingsmill

Lady Doreen Noddy Sherwood

Lady Edna Roger Sheepwalk

Lady Kate Hanibal-Riddyhill

Lady Elizabeth Sooty Wakefield

Lady Anne-Marie Squibbet Basingstoke

Lady Pauline Tippi Hazelholt

Lord Richard Timothy Grenville

Lady Winifred Whiskey Elmhurst

Lady Maureen Goldie Linden!!

Lady Grace Ruff Thoresby.

Lady Barbara Taffy Rahera


Put your name on my comments page

and I'll transfer it to this post!

It'll be the 'poshest' guest list ever!!

See you at the wedding!! ;-)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A thing of beauty is a joy forever! ;-)

How beautiful is this Wisteria!

I think the best since we've lived here!

And the scent!

Anyone can enjoy our wonderful Wisteria, as beside our property

is a footpath leading to the church.

I keep saying that things in the garden are 3 to 4 weeks early!

And here's the proof from last year!

What a lovely day!

Hope you're getting this gorgeous weather, wherever you are!


Monday, 25 April 2011

Homespun... and the nature of Portscatho! ;-)

We've had such a lovely day!


Arriving in Portscatho, at just after 11am, we found the

'Homespun' Fair in full swing... and very busy!

There were gorgeous goodies from Gertie and her daughter.

Kirsty's lovely handmade items.

Jane's wonderful array of vintage toys, books, homewares etc

Amanda's lovely displays

And then we took a break... and went walkies!!!

Just roll down the hill and you'll find

Christine's stunning shop, 'The Sea Garden'.

I could not get inside; it was sooo busy!

So, we decided to have an early lunch and then, 'walk it off!'

We lunched here...

We took the coastal path and admired the views

but it wasn't long before I spotted..



I have not seen Orchids growing wild for quite a while...

until last week. Lo and behold, on the grass verge near to where I live,

there they were.

And now here as a bit like buses really!

Made my day!!

This walk is a treat!

Next up...along the hedgerow we found many patches of these...


We're still not too sure which caterpillars these are.

Wild Arum..I have not see that for ages either.

The duck, rooted to the spot and not real of course ...but fun!

There was so much more..Pink and Red Valerian ;

Thrift ; Lilac; Wild Strawberry.

It all made me very happy you can see!

I really hadn't expected a nature walk as well as a vintage fair!!

But that's what I got!

After this...

We went back to the fair, for a second bite at the goodies!

All in all, a fabulous day!

Thanks to Christine, Jane and Gertie for organising another

lovely Homespun fair!

And finally, thanks to Mr S for such a great day!


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Not according to plan...!

If my mum is going to make an unplanned hospital visit,

you can bank on it being at Christmas, her birthday or ...


And so 'downline' didn't happen... and

we didn't make it to St Ives! ;-(

That said , we don't ever complain if we have to stay around at home

for some reason, especially in this weather and especially

in these beautiful surroundings!

The Woodpeckers are now regular visitors once more

and for the first time since we lived here ,we have Bullfinches

coming to the bird table, very close to the house.

These pleasures are all free!

This year, I am sharing my greenhouse with one said son who

has the gardening bug . He must get his green fingers from me!!

And my mum...she's ok and they 'released' her this morning

So she was able to enjoy Easter lunch with us all.


Mr S has very kindly said that he will take me on a jolly tomorrow...

I can't wait ... and I know where I am going!!

So watch this space!!

Hope you are all having a good Easter!

;-) x