Saturday, 30 April 2011

Liz and Phil's day out! ;-)

'Thank gawd that's over, Liz,

It cost us too much lolly!

I'll tell you what we'll do today...

Let's go on a little jolly!''

''In Charles' Aston Martin,

I'll take you for a zoom!

I know a little place,

Goes by the name of Frome!''

''Where the fox hat, Philip ?''

'' Now watch yer language, Liz!''

You fink yesterday was good...well..

This place is the biz !''

''Cheese and Grain, eh Phil?'

Now that's a funny name!

But wait! It's full of vintage stuff!

I'm so very glad we came!''

'' I've seen Charles and Diana mugs, Liz,

The design so very pleasant.

I recognised the faces...

Would they make great presents?''

''And vintage ear muffs, Philip!

Do we know someone they'd fit?

They come in extra large!

And they do look a good knit!''

'Oooh hats galore here, Philip!

I think one will buy the lot

One will give them to dear Beatrice so

She no longer looks a clot!

'I've seen upholstered chairs!

You'll find nothing finer!

They're almost as good as our...

Parker Bowles recliner!!

''I'm loving every minute of

This extra special day!

Do you think, Liz, we could transform Buck House

In a very vintage way?''

''We've mingled very well, Liz

Now let's do the town!

I don't think we've been recognised!

Even though you wore your crown!''

''So many lovely things,

One could easily afford

I simply have to give my

Duke of Edinburgh Award!''


Next time you visit Frome, for the

Vintage Bazaar ... or St Catherine's Hill

Keep your eyes and ears open... cos

You might bump into Liz and Phil!




Thecraftytrundler said...

Love it Sal!!!

Sharon xx

Carol said...

Excellent Sal, just what I needed, a smile.
Carol xx

BusyLizzie said...

Another fab pome from our Sal.. just brilliant! Thank you xxxx

KC'sCourt! said...

I really enjoyed reading this post Sal. You certainly put a smile on my face!
I try and make Frome oneday too!
Julie xxxxxx

ALISON said...

Excellent.... great fun..ciao Alison

Elegancemaison said...

Hahaha! Very clever and very funny. Thanks for the pic of my vintage toys, btw. I wish I had taken time to wander and see more of everyone else's stands. Will make sure I do in October!

Liz said...

Brilliant! Great post!

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

So clever Sal! Wish I'd been able to be there.

Sue x

galant said...

Margaret P

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

to be read in Devonian "Ur a poet and dids not know it" - but then again I think you did!!!
Cheered me up Sal.

landcuckoo said...

Great post Sal!
Looks like a wonderful day with some absolutely delightful looking stalls
Sarah x

Helen said...

Brilliant I loved it!!
Love Helen