Thursday, 28 April 2011

Come on...we have a wedding to get to!!

Come on...get yer glad rags're invited!

I did this on my Facebook page after Nich told me about it...
and it is hilarious!! ;-)

This is what you do...

1.Take your mother's first name
2.Then take the name of your first pet
3.Finally,the name of the road in which you first lived.

(Or, if you are a bloke, then do your father's name)

Put them all together and put 'Lady' (or 'Lord') at the front!

That's your royal invitation name!

Mine :

Lady Muriel Nibbles Hilton!!! LOL ;-)

And my friends who joined in so far:

Lord Christopher Smudge Castlewood

Lord Cyril Binky Wishings

Lady Margaret Hoppity South

Lord David Dinky Berwood

Lady Susanne Purdy Alton

Lady Barbara Bella Cheyne

Lady Winifred Sally Sutherland

Lady Barbara Hammyhotfeet Binden

Lady Grace Lenny Beaconsfield

Lady Vivien Blackie Elsiedene

Lady Margery Tinker Northcote

Lady Catherine Snowy Kingsmill

Lady Doreen Noddy Sherwood

Lady Edna Roger Sheepwalk

Lady Kate Hanibal-Riddyhill

Lady Elizabeth Sooty Wakefield

Lady Anne-Marie Squibbet Basingstoke

Lady Pauline Tippi Hazelholt

Lord Richard Timothy Grenville

Lady Winifred Whiskey Elmhurst

Lady Maureen Goldie Linden!!

Lady Grace Ruff Thoresby.

Lady Barbara Taffy Rahera


Put your name on my comments page

and I'll transfer it to this post!

It'll be the 'poshest' guest list ever!!

See you at the wedding!! ;-)


sally-ann said...

Lady Grace Lenny Beaconsfield

Alix said...

Lady Vivien Blackie Elsiedene.

This is a hoot - heard it on the radio too - fun for all!

dosierosie said...

Lady Margery Tinker Northcote

Menopausal musing said...

Lady Catherine Snowy Kingsmill

KC'sCourt! said...

Lady Doreen Noddy Sherwood

Mandy said...

Lady Edna Roger Sheepwalk

landcuckoo said...

Its a good one isn't it! See you on the 29th!
Lady Kate Hanibal-Riddyhill

KC'sCourt! said...

I wonder what some of the pets were? In my case a budgie!
Julie xxxxxxx

Rosie said...

Have a lovely day on 29th
from Lady Elizabeth Sooty Wakefield :)

Cowboys and Custard said...

I see I am in good company!
Lady Squibbet Lobert Basingstoke

Simone said...

Lady Maureen Goldie Linden!!!

Carol said...

Lady Grace Ruff Thoresby.

Aunty Bee said...

Lady Barbara Taffy Rahera.

Amanda-Shabby Chick said...

This is sooo good Sal...LOVE IT!!!
You'll never guess what the Word Verification is that I have to do in a mo...DINGING...that will be the wedding bells then!!!
Enjoy the big day and see you Saturday!
Lots of larfs...
Lady Barbara Hammyhotfeet Binden (aka the shabby one!) xxx

Attila said...

Lady Winifred Whiskey Elmhurst. (She's a bit of a tippler!)

Tristan said...

Lord Richard Timothy Grenville

I think I might permanently use this name :-D

BusyLizzie said...

nice one Sal, heard this on Chris Evan's show yesterday too. Lady Pauline Tippi Hazelholt xx

Cowboys and Custard said...

Oops... mine should have read. Lady Anne-Marie Squibbet Basingstoke

I have played a similar game where you take your mother's maiden name and first pet's name to give you your movie star name. Mine was Squibbet Lobert..

THIS'N'THAT said...

All good fun ...
Lady Katherine Pusscat Hall
XXX Lesley

Aunty Bee said...

Last night I was joined by Lord Gordon Puss Hercules and Lord Barry Tiger Lyttleton, who actually enjoyed the whole evening. Originally unable to attend the wedding they started watching and never got out of their seats.

Rosie said...

What fun! :)

Lady Florence Biddy Napier