Monday, 25 April 2011

Homespun... and the nature of Portscatho! ;-)

We've had such a lovely day!


Arriving in Portscatho, at just after 11am, we found the

'Homespun' Fair in full swing... and very busy!

There were gorgeous goodies from Gertie and her daughter.

Kirsty's lovely handmade items.

Jane's wonderful array of vintage toys, books, homewares etc

Amanda's lovely displays

And then we took a break... and went walkies!!!

Just roll down the hill and you'll find

Christine's stunning shop, 'The Sea Garden'.

I could not get inside; it was sooo busy!

So, we decided to have an early lunch and then, 'walk it off!'

We lunched here...

We took the coastal path and admired the views

but it wasn't long before I spotted..



I have not seen Orchids growing wild for quite a while...

until last week. Lo and behold, on the grass verge near to where I live,

there they were.

And now here as a bit like buses really!

Made my day!!

This walk is a treat!

Next up...along the hedgerow we found many patches of these...


We're still not too sure which caterpillars these are.

Wild Arum..I have not see that for ages either.

The duck, rooted to the spot and not real of course ...but fun!

There was so much more..Pink and Red Valerian ;

Thrift ; Lilac; Wild Strawberry.

It all made me very happy you can see!

I really hadn't expected a nature walk as well as a vintage fair!!

But that's what I got!

After this...

We went back to the fair, for a second bite at the goodies!

All in all, a fabulous day!

Thanks to Christine, Jane and Gertie for organising another

lovely Homespun fair!

And finally, thanks to Mr S for such a great day!



SarahB said...

Oooh, lovely photos (except for the caterpillars, they make me feel peculiar!!)

Looks like you had a lovely day....

Sarah :0)

Anonymous said...

It was such a lovely surprise to see you today!
I'm so pleased that you had a great day out...your photos are stunning...mind you, the Roseland Peninsula is stunning too!
Glad that your Mum is out of hospital and was able to spend Easter Day with you.
All in all a Great Easter!
Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

galant said...

What a lovely day - certainly made up for the previous days!
Margaret P

Miss Holly said...

Oh what a lovely day you had!!!!! So beautiful.....I would so love to visit there some day.....we call those tent caterpillars in the states....they are bad news.... They defoliate and will eventually kill what they are on......yuck!!

Alix said...

What a lovely day out! I can almost feel the sea breeze and the warm sunshine - great photos!

KC'sCourt! said...

Wow you had a winderful day
Julie xxxxxx

Vintage Jane said...

What a lovely day - wish I could have made it to the Homespun fair. Thanks for sharing ...

Thecraftytrundler said...

Just a perfect day, lovely fair, and a wonderful walk!!

Sharon xx

dosierosie said...

Great pictures some really great stuff, except for the caterpillars (yuk), are they the ones killing all the Oak trees.

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

My dream day Sal - lovely pics - thank you.
T x

Pooh's Abode said...

My ancestors on my father's side came from Portscatho. We visited the area several years ago and took lots of photos esp though of grave stones with the family name on.
A lovely place - looks like you had a great time

June said...

Lovely photos of an amazing day! I especially like the caterpillar and rabbit photos!

landcuckoo said...

What lovely pictures, so pleased you had a good day out
Sarah x