Thursday, 10 November 2011

Clean oven!! ;-)

On Monday..I treated myself!

Ok, I'm a lazy madam!;-)

Anyway... I treated myself to .... having my oven cleaned!

I love my's a Britannia range oven and it's been an excellent oven.

We had it installed about eight years ago, when we had a new kitchen.

Over the years, I have to admit, I've skimmed the surface

as far as cleaning it is concerned;

my oven deserves better, I decided!

So when a card was put through my mum's door recently,

we looked at each other and said, 'Right..let's ring that number!

And along came a very nice man called Bill!

I was bowled over by his politeness!

I left my oven in his capable hands

and he gave my oven four and a half hours of TLC! horrid chemicals were involved in the sprucin' up

of my oven.

If you're in my area and are thinking of having your oven cleaned...

then I can thoroughly recommend this company.

Then he came back the following morning and did the oven hood etc

So..all in oven has had a real good M.O.T!



Pennyblossoms said...

Hi Sal! That looks like money well spent. What a good idea for a business.
That range strikes me as a serious piece of kit; I'd have to up the cooking ante if I owned one of those!
Z xx

KC'sCourt! said...

Now that is one Christmas treat I think I might like;-) Oh yes I'm being serious!!
Julie xxxxxxxxxx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Brilliant idea!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Splendid idea and very enterprising of that firm I would say.

Bobbie Lynn said...

You have the oven of my dreams Sal. What a great color too.

Vintage from the Village said...

I have been thinking about treating myself to this for ages meanwhile my oven gets worse and worse. Was it really expensive can I ask?
Sue x

Alix said...

I did the same thing a few weeks back - life is too short for spending a morning on my knees scrubbing my oven! I am a convert now and will definitely have my oven cleaned professionally once a year from now on. The man who came to do mine was able to replace the sagging seals and put a new lightbulb in - jobs which I kept meaning to get round to - so it was all money worth spending!

Menopausalmusing said...

Whatever you paid, I am sure it was well worth every penny.

THIS'N'THAT said...

Hi, Great treat! Think we did same with Bill's mate Gary. All felt very decadent!
Love Lesley XX

Carol said...

What a good idea, mine needs its "Christmas" clean.
Couple of tips - buy one of the Lakeland sheets to put in the bottom of your oven, very easy to wash and keeps oven bottom clean. If your shelves getting messy, put them in the bath with some biological washing powder, makes it very easy to bring them up all shiny and new looking.
Carol xx

Miriam said...

Uhm...very nice oven and a very nice kettle on the right and the little teapot in the cupboard! I like it!

Miriam said...

Uhm...very nice oven and a very nice kettle on the right and the little teapot in the cupboard! I like it!