Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Writing out my Christmas list! ;-)

I'm writing out my Christmas list;
Oh dear, what to get?!

I've run right out of ideas;
I've trawled right through the 'net!

I've found pipe cleaner decorations;
Some vintage cards with, 'Merry'.

I need to get a move on!
Oh... this is such a worry!

Old sheet music...tra la la!
A tablecloth, so gay!

I do so want my presents,
To make someone's day!

I need some inspiration
To sort out my Christmas mess.

I know what I'll do!
I'll pay a visit to Tot...nes!

(What a surprise! ;-)

I know just the place
Where I can be in Christmas heaven!

A little shop called, 'This'n That'
The bestest shop in Devon!

Full of vintage finery
The collection is divine!

Christmas cheer, combined with
A real step back in time!

With gifts, ideal for the gals,
And plenty for the lads

Presents for those weary mums,
And 'stuff' for all the dads.

Calendars and cards galore,
Adorn this little shop

Get there quick and you will have,
The pick of this fine crop!

All things nostalgic,
Always with that vintage twist

This lovely place can help me
With my Christmas list!

A kiss under the mistletoe!
The pudding's sprig of holly.

Oooh! I do love Christmas
It makes me feel quite jolly.

I'm full of great ideas now
I've done my Christmas list!

I've been all the way to Totnes
A town I can't resist.

If you're stuck for ideas
And need some inspiration

Take a trip to 'This 'n That'
For that Christmas celebration!

Happy Christmas shopping!


Linda Gilbert said...

Great stuff Sal xx

KC'sCourt! said...

I love your poem - very inspirational!
I'll be blogging about my Christmas soon.........
Julie xxxxxxx

Carol said...

Great verse and photos Sal, really made me smile. Wish I was near enough to visit the fabulous shop.
Carol xx

Vintage from the Village said...

I love that shop too !
Thanks for oven cleaning info
Sue x

Anonymous said...

Suddenly! Upon us that special time of year
Time for food and presents , the season for good cheer
But! there is nothing that I want or need
No presents, booze or 'blow out' feed

All that I desire doesn't come from off the shelves
I don't need Santa's reindeers or busy little elves
Nor gift boxes with ribbons tied by a store gift wrapper
All I truly want is....... My Christmas cracker

You! Sal

Bohomumma said...

love your poem very good.

And This n That is always such a great inspiration. Lovely shop. I am inspired to try to fit in a pre christmas trip to totnes, I bet it is a lovely atmosphere down there. I usually go to Sidmouth for the independent shops and good atmosphere, but I may try to do both!

Ally Johnston said...

I want that book The Jolly girls book, it looks so fun and just like the old Bunty comics I loved so much as a girl.

Kristina said...

A very Christmassy post with loooots of things that caught my eyes... It seems it's time to start getting ready!

Miriam said...

I like the "Christmas Book" and the cards!

Callies Cottage said...

Hi Sal,Talking of Christmas shopping we will be able to go and have a look at the Homespun Fair this year and I see that you will be there!Really looking forward to it!
Happy Preparations!
Warm Wishes,

landcuckoo said...

Aaaahhh that's the spirit of Christmas! What a lovely lot of goodies, all of which could find a home here with me!
Sarah x

Kelly said...

What a great post! Made me giggle and gasp in christmassy delight at your pretty pictures!