Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bickington village, SouthDevon

This is the village where we once lived, over ten years ago!


not to be confused with Bickington in North Devon (as it often is)!

It's a pretty little village.

Below is the gateway through which I once used to drive every day .

Rock cottage...named because maybe it is built on a big lump of granite ...

or maybe because we could also see Haytor Rock from the bedroom windows.

It's a small village yet one steeped in history.

Below is the unusual lych gate at St Mary's church, Bickington.

On the south face of the grade two listed building, is a metal

plaque inscribed: "Mains water to Bickington 11th January 1962"

Not sure what they did before that!

And now to exceedingly, shabby things...

Shabby or what...around the back of the village hall!

Projects methinks!

Now then... we have more shabbiness around the back of the hall!

Here is Amanda's cornucopia of shabbiness!

Bickington village fete.

As we arrived so did the plenty of demand for these...

I have to admit that we were so busy nattering that

I didn't take any more photos but there

were the usual 'teas' and a few other stalls

plus some lovely, 'musician' children entertaining the 'crowds'!

A typical English fete day.

And finally...

And this is the cottage where I once lived.
(this pic courtesy of Google street view)

One evening,when we had not been living there very long,

there was an accident down on the main Ashburton road.

Traffic was diverted through the village and a massive lorry became stuck

just by our wall as it could not negotiate the bend in the road.

It did little damage to the wall...but we noticed that this kind

of incident must've happened again as part of the wall has obviously

been knocked down and 'patched' as can be seen from the photo.

A great shame!

Anyway, it was lovely to revisit and reminisce!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!



Sheila said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pics of your lovely home. The village is so cute and just like a holiday picture. Its nice to visit places you used to live.

Alix said...

Bickington looks lovely and tranquil. That's a lych gate and a half - more like a gatehouse on a castle so boiling oil could be poured on any unwanted visitors!

Anonymous said...

It was a lovely, typical English fete and hopefully the funds raised by it will help to repair the 'shabbiness' of the village has gone way past the 'chic' stage in places!
'Twas good to see 'ee me birdy!
lol...Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

June said...

Devon has so many of these wonderful villages. I agree with you that it is a shame about the wall. What a lovely cottage though.

galant said...

In all the years I've lived in Devon I've only been in Bickington village once, way back in 1960. I was part of a Torbay Youth Group who went on a student exchange to Germany and one of the chaps in the group lived in Bickington and while the German students were over here he and his parents held a party in their home for us all.
Margaret P