Tuesday, 28 June 2011


It's Ashburton and carnival time has come!

After visiting Seale Hayne, we found ourselves here, on Saturday!

We are creatures of habit and always make for The Exeter Inn

for a pint and a snack lunch!

The Exeter Inn is run by an ex Torquay United footballer who

is regarded as a hero by many Torquay fans!

Back in 1987 , Jim McNicol was playing in a crucial

last match of the season 'relegation decider'.

Poor chap was near the sideline when all of a sudden

he was bitten by a police dog, called Bryn!

This stoppage in the match then gave Torquay

precious, extra minutes to regroup, get their act together

and score... thus avoiding relegation, out of the football league!

I know all that... as I was there! ;-)

I think Jim would rather forget the pain that day although

it was far more painful watching the match, to be honest!

But then, it always is watching Torquay...or nearly always!

Back to Ashburton... it has a lot to offer...

'Miss Shabby Chick' , as you know, is a very good friend of mine.

She has taken some space in Sarah's 'Vintage Emporium'

and is selling some of her wares there as well as continuing

her stall at Totnes market, on Fridays.

Sarah's shop is looking especially good at the moment!

And Sarah is now serving tea and coffee..so you get to sit at a

delightful table whilst the goodies ooze at you from every direction!!

That done, our Saturday was still not quite over

as I had promised Amanda that I would look in on her

and her stall at a local village fete!

And so...off we go again!



BusyLizzie said...

Hi Sal, great pix of Ashburton, thank you for sharing.. it really is about time I had a little trip back there. It is always a pleasure to mooch around some great shops & pop into the deli for some yummy treats to take home. Lizzie xx

Aunty Bee said...

Hi Sal, I am now determinded to go down to our Ashburton just south of Christchurch to take some photos. I think you'll be surprised by our Ashburton it is nothing like the original, a very flat farming town with the Main South Road running through it.

Sal said...

I'd love to see the photos!! ;-)

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

HI Sal
I knew where you were off to as soon as I saw the header, Miss Shabby Chic told me she had a spot in Ashburton, and it does look lovely, I notice she is using the beautiful florar veg rack that she bought from me.
The last time we wnet there we ate at the Moroccan cafe, if I tell M that an ex footy player runs The Exeter we will be at loggerheads at where to go next time!!
T x

Anonymous said...

Well spotted T! It does have a label saying 'not for sale' on though...it's far too beautiful to be soiled by grubby potatoes!
Great photos again Sal...we are very, very lucky to live so close to such a lovely and quirky town!
Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

galant said...

Ooh, lovely, lively pix of Ashbucket, Sal! For those who intend to visit Ashburton from afar, it isn't that far from Totnes so you could get your fill of two great towns for antiques and vintage items!
Margaret P