Friday, 27 May 2011

Passion!! (in abundance!)


Passion in the garden for one thing!

There's nothing like it , is there? ;-)

And that's what I got this morning, when I walked into the garden

after two hours of teaching!

This little beauty above had burst into bloom overnight .

I have a passion for my garden.

It's been especially lovely this week, not just because of the early summer flowers

coming into bloom but also because of the birdlife:

We have Bullfinches coming to the patio steps to feed...

now that is unheard of here! They are normally rather shy!

We have the Greater Spotted Woodpeckers in permanent residence.

The Nuthatches have returned, which is always a beautiful sight.

Meanwhile, a Jay has found a certain corner of our garden rather to its liking.

Young Blackbirds mingle with the Robin and Dunnock

as they forage for food on the floor.

Two pigeons are always up to antics just outside the lounge window

whilst a male Pheasant struts about in a kingly fashion as if it owns the place!

We've had to order plenty of Niger seed for the Goldfinches and we've filled an extra large

feeder as there are so many Goldfinches here in the garden.

What have I missed...ah I almost forgot the charm of the Long Tailed Tits and the

super cute little faces of their relations, Great , Blue and Coal!

I must not forget the Collared Dove, Thrush, Sparrow, Chaffinch,

Green Woodpecker... oh and we often have Buzzards 'mewing' overhead...

and a Sparrowhawk frequently whizzes through, on a mission!

Both Mr S and I are passionate about the garden birds!

But I think it was the Passion Flower which delighted me most, earlier!

As for the weekend...more passion!

I'm soooo looking forward to tomorrow!

In the morning we are off to a Garden fair and in the afternoon

I will be well settled down on my sofa, ready to watch my

footy team attempt to gain promotion to League One of the Football League.

Had my 'partner in crime' been in the country, (I normally go to footy with Nich!)

I would be wending my way to Old Trafford with him!

I will NEVER forgive him for going to Canada at such an important

time in the football season...LOL! ;-)

I hope my updates of the match catch up with him in Toronto!!

Go Torquay United! (and get to a place with a signal, Nich!!!! )

I certainly didn't expect my team to progress this far, this season so

getting to the final really is a bonus..and who knows,

we might just do it!

Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend everyone!

I do hope that it is filled with 'Passion' , in one way or another!



Pennyblossoms said...

My Passionflower didn't make it thru' the cold snap this year and I am heartbroken! It's a flower that takes me right back to my dad planting up a couple of plants outside our sunroom when I was a kid. Happy days! But I guess it gives me an excuse to try out one of those red ones-they look a bit of a wonder!
I have a blackbird nest about am arms length from the kitchen door! Having the cats worries me with all the birdies about...they WILL decide to nest here daft so-and-sos!
Fingers X'd for your footie team! Have a gret W/E,
Z xx

summerfete said...

Isnt it lovely just now, with everything blooming.

I keep meaning to get a passion flower,
its next on my list.

Have a super weekend Sal

Clare x

Hen said...

It's great you have such a variety of birds, Sal, I think the bird population seems to be up this year.
Hen x

The Weaver of Grass said...

Is there a more perfect flower than that? Good luck to your team!

Puppet Lady said...

I always think passion flowers are so quirky and unusual - must get one sometime! Its such a lovely time of year for the flowers, isn't it? Have a great weekend!

galant said...

Such a lovely garden ... and I'm cheering the Gulls on from here, you must surely hear me, Sal?
Margaret P

Linda Gilbert said...

Today I received my first 'Blog Award' part of it involves passing it on, I always enjoy your Blog so you are one of my chosen few! Thank you for always being so generous with your time . Love Linda

Cowboys and Custard said...

Blooming gorgeous Sal... Wish I could grow Lupins.. the snails would have a field day here!
Yes gardening is good for the soul.. should be prescribed on the NHS.
Michele x