Sunday, 29 May 2011

Continuing the garden theme.... ;-)

I absolutely loved this garden, ' Postcard from Wales' at this year's

Chelsea Flower Show.

And I thought that the idea of using the jockey silks for

inspiration, for the Florist and Young Florist of the year, was a superb idea!

(Sarah Horne's above; Joe Massie's below)

One of the entrants , I noticed was a florist, Kate Bainbridge, from Bovey Tracey.


Meanwhile, continuing a gardening theme...

I can't believe that it was a year ago when we took ourselves off

to the Garden fair at Chagford, one Saturday morning...and came home

with a nice little hoard of garden bits (above)!

And so, on Saturday, we repeated the trip!

I always love the trip to this gorgeous little town!

But this time we took a different route home...across Dartmoor.

And a very bleak Dartmoor it was too!

Some people say this is when the moors are at their very best!

Here we are at Combestone Tor.

And thus, we trundled across the moor...

with a few bits from the Chagford garden fair, in the back of the car!

My footy team didn't fact they didn't really get out of the starting blocks!

But, as I was always told when I was very young,

it's the taking part that is important and

without a loser there can be no winner!

Ho hum...!


KC'sCourt! said...

Although I live right on the edge of Exmoor I actually prefer Dartmoor. It must be because of its bleakness and flatness.
Is that a piece of Dartmouth Pottery I spy........the white glazed shell?
Julie xxxxxxx

Pennyblossoms said...

What an amazing set of photos from Dartmoor-I feel it's like the seaside...comes up best when it's 'moody'!
At first I thought the RHS garden was at the bottom of yours! (Well, it could've been!).
Another great haul from Chagford, you lucky girl!
Sorry about your footy year, eh?
Z xx

funkymonkey said...

It looks as though you had a lovely day despite the football results. I watched last night's final....very disappointing from the English point of view.


Vintage Tea Time said...

Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing. Abby x

galant said...

Yes, our team didn't do well, did it, Sal? But if we feel bad about it, just think how those lads feel ... never mind, it's the taking part, as they say.
Loved the things you bought at the Chaggy Fair! My goodness, more old implements which are obviously well made as they've stood the test of time, but my goodness, heavy to use I expect! And will you and Mr Snippets use them, or just use them with which to decorate the garden shed?
By the way, love your old weathered bench.
And Dartmoor looks wonderful in mist and rain - it's almost what it was designed for, Very Hound weather, I say, as in The Hound of the Baskervilles ... I must tell you something I thought funny: when I helped a friend out years ago in their bookshop a French chap came in one day and asked if we had a copy of "Zee 'Ound?" Of course, we knew exactly what book he wanted!
Margaret P

Cowboys and Custard said...

Well well well.. we missed each other by hours Sal. We have just returned from a whistle stop visit to Chagford and home via Exeter Uni. Would love to have stretched our weekend to take in the show at the Jubilee Hall.


P.s See you v soon.