Wednesday, 4 May 2011

'So where do you want to go?' ;-)

We rarely venture far on any bank holiday Monday !


''I fancy a jolly jaunt...just a short one!'

''So where do you want to go?''

''I don't know''

(Well..I did really!)

''Hill House Nursery, Landscove.''

''Ok then!''

'' Nursery or Tearoom first?''

'' Tearoom''

So that is what we did!

We soon got chatting to a lovely lady and gentleman and all because

the lady loved my CK bag...!!

So...hello if you are reading this!! ;-)

It's delightful at Hill House at any time of the year

... but especially in the spring time.

You get to mooch in the beautiful gardens.

Wonderful sights, sounds and smells surround you ; it's idyllic!

You can stop awhile if you feel like a rest.

And you can grab a trolley and browse what's on offer,

in and out of the huge glasshouses.

This is my idea of bliss!

I'm pretty sure it would be yours too!


Alix said...

So very lovely! I'd be trying to screen out the other visitors and dream it was mine! Your photos do it justice. Reading blogs is making me realise I need to get out more!

Country Style Living said...

What a lovely garden! and great photo's too. The best bit is always choosing the plants to take home..........

galant said...

One thing you didn't mention, Sal, is that the architect of the church next door, and this house, was the same chap (John Pearsall) who was the architect for Truro Cathedral.
Also, that the previous owner of Hill House was none other than gardening guru, Edward Hyams, who wrote the book An Englishman's Garden (the story of how he created the garden at Hill House.) Hill House also appears in the book The English Vicarage Garden (published in 1988). Having said all that, it's a delightful place, if a little rough around the edges - but that's part of its charm; it's not manicured to within an inch of it's life. Spring is a lovely time to visit, too. A gorgeous, old-fashioned English garden and a tea room with heavenly scones and cakes ... what more could one wish for on a Bank Holiday or any other day, come to that!

KC'sCourt! said...

Wow! What a lovely place - must seek it out!
Julie xxxxxx

Pomona said...

Definitely my idea of bliss! What a lovely outing.

Pomona x

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

It looks like a Cotswold place, I wondered if you were up near me. No pictures of the teas Sal??
You will have to give me the address as it looks so beautiful, and the pond.......

Cowboys and Custard said...

Definitely my kind of place. It looks such an atmospheric place and somewhere to hide away from the stresses of every day life..

Michele x

sweetmyrtle said...

this looks so unspoilt and relaxing. what a lovely day out!

Helen said...

Oh thanks for the tour it looks gorgeous,
H x