Sunday, 6 March 2011

So much to enjoy! ;-)

Something that Mr S and I have been meaning to do for ages is
to have a 'once a week film night'.
Somehow, we just haven't got around to organising it because
I'm usually too tired after I've finished teaching in the evenings
and I just want to flop into an armchair.

However, at last we've made the effort!

And we started with the best, on Friday night!

'The King's Speech'

Oh boy did I enjoy this film! I loved every minute of it;
I thought the cast was superb and I found myself wanting to watch
it all over again, asap!

If you haven't seen!!

Next week, we're watching 'Amelie' . I can't wait for that one either !


Our jolly jaunt on Saturday took us, eventually, to Widecombe in the Moor.

It was so quiet there with very few people around although,
amazingly, we bumped into a very good friend
as we were making our way back to our car.

The trundle across the moors was so beautiful but it was oh so very cold
in South Devon, yesterday!

Earlier in the day, we had visited Ashburton.
I hadn't been down to Ashburton for a while and so it was lovely to
pop in and see Sarah and her mum, in their Vintage Emporium.

I don't think the temperature got above 2 degrees all day and I truly

was glad to get home and have a cuppa!

Mr S managed to find a live stream to watch his beloved Arsenal, online,

whilst I logged in to have a quick chat with a friend

in Canada (Hi Gray!) who was following the fortunes of

another great team ...Torquay United!

How I laughed when he gave me the news of a goal

faster than both Sky Sports TV AND Nich's text

(he was at the match, freezing himself silly!)

Comes to something when you get your footy news much faster

from Canada! How mad is that?!


Tonight is the last episode of South Riding.

I've loved this too!

I remember watching and very much enjoying the 1974 adaptation,

with Dorothy Tutin and also reading the book, years ago .

I think that this new adaptation is excellent too.

And, if you're as interested as I am to find out more about the author,

Winifred Holtby, here's a bit of info:


LissyLou said...

the kings speech is a wonderful film isn't it?

Amelie is one of my fave films - its a bit bizarre though

A great english film i can recommend is Another Year with jim broadbent - i took such a positive message from that film xx

KC'sCourt! said...

I must be one of the last to see the Kings Speech. I must go and see it!

Widecombe-in-the-Moor, must go there again too its been too long, we were living in Sidmouth when we last went, my son was about 6yrs he'll be thirty at the end of the month!
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Florence and Mary said...

So glad you've seen Kings Speech it's such a fantastic film!

Victoria xx

Menopausal musing said...

It's a wonderful film isn't it? Hope you enjoy "Amelie" ... its another lovely one.

Annie said...

Like you, I loved The King's Speech and would happily watch it all over again. I have really enjoyed South Riding too, shame it's the last episode tonight. I really hope something just as good comes along to fill the Sunday night slot.
Ann x

Callies Cottage said...

I love Widecombe...isn't it pretty? Glad you managed to warm up again- it has gone a bit Wintry again hasn't it?
Warm Wishes,
Callie x

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi there Sal - your new grandaughter is beautiful, many congrats to all of you. I had to go back a few posts to see when she waqs born as I havent been reading nuch for a while. We were emptying Dad's garage at the weekend. We filled one huge skip and have another one order then one more should do it for the shed. Oh Dad what were you going to do with it all. A lot of stuff Mam had never even seen!!