Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Where else at Christmas ...?!!!

If you have not been to a Totnes late night shopping event ,

then you still have time and you must go!!;-)

There are two more Tuesdays for you to go along and savour the flavour!

And make sure that you end up at The Royal Seven Stars,

which is at the bottom of the town.

The best band in the west , 'Black Friday', were there last night

to entertain the crowds.

They seriously good! I've watched them before at Totnes

and also at The Port Eliot Festival.

You can't beat good , live street music and this was a perfect end to the evening.

Black Friday on a cold Tuesday...perfect!

Here they are....

Totnes comes into its own at Christmas!

Being lucky enough to nip down whenever I wish,

I also visited last Friday..and last Saturday too!

Greedy or what ?!

The Friday market never fails to disappoint and Amanda's display looked

fabulously festive!

And then last night, the fun continued as we wandered the streets.

Naturally, 'This and That' is a complete MUST ....

Loads and loads on individual shops welcome you, in this 'non clone' town!

Oooh I love it!

This Blacksmith will be on The Edwardian Farm, tonight!

And then there's Bert and the Animal Folk!

Unique, completely bonkers and a lot of fun!

More music..real musicians in the Market square...fabulous!

Kissy Kissy!! ;-)

I'm really in the Christmas spirit now!

All ready for 'Tea Tiffin and Tat' , this morning!

Back soon!!



Ellouise88 said...

Ooooh that looks wonderful! Bet you're all sorted for Christmas as well. I'm still in a panic and doing an impression of a headless chicken!

Julie said...

It look fab Sal, thanks for sharing - I think that is the best way to do christmas shopping - music, drinks, good atmosphere, so much more civilised!!

Menopausal musing said...

Better than any shopping mall any day (or late night ;O)). So much more sociable than big department stores. Hope you spent plenty!

Vintage from the Village said...

Hi I was thinking about going but where on earth can you park ? !
Looks great
Sue x

Helen said...

Oooh I NEED those pink cups and saucers on Amanda's stall! Looks fab and festive! x

funkymonkey said...

I think I need to send you a shopping list of everything I want from Totnes. You lucky thing to live so near.