Friday, 3 December 2010


On our way to Chipping Sodbury, we had a little mooch
around Glastonbury, on a bitterly cold Saturday, last weekend.

The 'Miracles Room' intrigued me
although I didn't go inside! last... a more 'normal' shop...LOL!

You meet the strangest people in Glastonbury...

It was only a flying visit and so we didn't do the Abbey or climb the Tor!

And now I am off to another 'alternative ' place for my Friday morning Fix!!

And no prizes for guessing where that might be!

Pics to follow!!



funkymonkey said...

We stayed in Glastonbury a couple of years ago. It was certainly an experience. I felt more at home up the road in Bath or Wells.


Julie said...

great photos Sal, definitely on my list of places to visit; certainly looks interesting! Have a great time in Totty - I amuse that's the other alternative place! x

Andi's English Attic said...

I want to visit Glastonbury very much, but it's a place Husband would go out of his way to avoid! I have to wait and go with a girlfriend who thinks along the same lines as me. Thanks for the taster photos. xx

galant said...

More weird than Totnes, Sal!
Margaret P

dosierosie said...

We stopped there once but quickly moved on to Wells instead.

Pixiedust said...

I lurve glastonbury I'm so envious. xx

Lori Lynn said...

Glastonbury is on my 'go to' list of places if I ever make it over to your side of the pond! A friend went a few years ago and brought me back a little 'box of dirt' from the top of the Tor! May be the closest I ever get LOL!!
¸.*´¸.**´¨) ¸.**´¨)
(¸.*´ (¸.*´* LORI LYNN *

PS: I'm having a Holiday giveaway!!

KC'sCourt! said...

Glastonbury is one wierd place! I love goping there but I get a strange feeling come over me its really odd!
Julie xxxx

Menopausal musing said...

Glastonbury is like being in a time warp in some respects... you see VERY aged hippies! I have "done" the Tor, and not by going up the path either.......... I just about needed oxygen by the time I got to the top!

potterjotter said...

Never been to Glastonbury, but you have made me want to go now - looks like an interesting place in a weird sort of way.