Thursday, 9 September 2010

Ding dong..I've arrived with my tat! ;-)

Way back in time , when I was 19 and a mere slip of a lass (I am talking about the 1970s /early 1980s), my family moved from Devon to Hampshire.

Oh the tears that day , I remember it well!
We did not want to go!

Anyway, I quite liked Hampshire once I'd got used to it and there
were a few positives which came from the move, such as:

The rivers there are beautiful and I spent many an afternoon
walking by the River Itchen or the River Test.

I discovered a football team called Southampton!

Southampton was fab for concerts... and it was where I watched David Bowie on his Ziggy Stardust tour! Beat that! I've lived!

I fell in love with a beautiful city called Winchester (pre CK!!);

I picked up a husband in Hampshire (lost him some years later, admittedly, but that's another story! LOL!);

All in all, my Hampshire years were very happy years.

In fact, we only stayed there for about 2+ years as my family moved Surrey.

But I packed in a lot during those two years in Hampshire!
And all of this took place whilst I was training to be a teacher
in Hertfordshire and so I was often not around... but when I was, I made the most of it!

And, amazingly, I absolutely loved Southern Television!

I was a huge fan of the Jack Hargreaves programme, 'Out of Town'.
Each programme began with the most beautiful piece of classical guitar music and the clip clop of the horse and cart with , of course, Jack.

Now, if you have never seen these programmes, you ought!
Country goings ons and gatherings, country crafts etc ...brilliant!

We managed to buy the whole set of Dvds a few years ago and we never tire of them.
They are truly fabulous! And I mean fabulous!

And Jack...what a character:

Oh yes...

Southern Television was known for
its 'characters':

Wurzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally...weren't they wonderful?!

And then there was this:


Originally shown on Southern Television but then I think it went out to other areas,
Houseparty was brilliant!

None of your 'Loose women' rubbish and all that sex stuff and innuendo! Oh no no no!

Houseparty was cooking, sewing, crafts etc etc. Decent, clean and uplifting! ;-)

''One of Southern's most famous television programmes was Houseparty, an afternoon show aimed primarily at women that was shown locally to begin with then part-networked (one programme a week). It featured the sort of items expected to be found within the covers of a "magazine for women", such as cooking, knitting, crafts, and general gossip. The studio was arranged so as to resemble a living room and the regular 'guests' rang a 'doorbell' when they arrived after the programme had started, often bringing items of interest with them. It may have been a rather 'phoney' idea but the show was popular; it only ended when Southern stopped broadcasting, though Meridian revived the show for a brief time with the daughters of some of the original cast, in 1993.''


Well..there's no footage of it as far as I know,which is a crying shame!


Never fear!

(Phew, I have been all around the houses to get to this bit,I know...)

A kind of Houseparty is back!

In the form of :

'Tea Tiffin and Tat'

Yesterday, the doorbell went a few times and in came the guests... until finally,the very last guest arrived, accompanied by two chairs!
She needed advice!
And you can guess what we all said...

''Paint them!!''

So thank you,Linda for bringing your chairs..I hope they had a very pleasant outing!!


Amanda brought plenty to 'show and tell' including this fabulous set of 50s glasses with a jug. They had beautiful coloured flowers on them and my camera did not catch these at all well.

She also brought along some embroidered bits and pieces and some vintage textiles:

And a huge thanks to Jane who very kindly baked some cupcakes.

Finally, hello to a lovely lady called Kerry, whom I have never met until yesterday!
She drove from north Cornwall, to join us!

And the morning just flew by!

The next one is Weds Oct 13th at 10.30am

Do come along!

Maybe they should film us??????


Meanwhile, I'm hopping over the county border tomorrow,via
Budleigh Salterton, Honiton and Axminster.

Destination Bridport !

See you next week when I'll be in ' Dorset' mode... plus I have a giveaway winner to announce, I think!

And maybe, I'll find just an extra little something for the person who can tell me what we used to call the 'Hants and Dorset' buses when I lived in Hampshire!

Have fun everyone...I am going to!

;-) x


Cheap2Chic said...

Aghhhhhh yes Jack Hargreaves, I remember him well and often used to see him at Ringwood market. I also loved Worzel Gummidge. xx

BusyLizzie said...

I remember Southern telly as I lived in Hampshire too! Have fun in Dorset.... or should I say do you remember the spoof Five go mad in Dorset by the Comic Strip in the 80's??? xxx

The Weaver of Grass said...

That brought back a few memories Sal.

KC'sCourt! said...

We could just about get Southern TV if the wind was in the right direction LOL! I remember Jack Hargreaves and very interesting person and remember House Party, Wurzel Gummaidge and Catweazel!
Hampshire is a lovely place we had family holidays there too.
Glad your morning went well, one day - one day...........

Anonymous said...

We lived in Hampshire from 1985 to 1989 (in Alresford) - we got married in Winchester (second time for both of us!!)

Rosie said...

That was a walk down memory lane. I remember Jack Hargreaves and Houseparty. Your Tea Tiffin and Tat sounds lots of fun :)

landcuckoo said...

Have a lovely lovely time Sal. I am pleased you had a good time at your tiffin n tat, those chairs will look lovely when painted wont they.
Sarah x

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

I was only lucky enough to see Mr Bowie in the 80's @ Wembley, your experience must have been amazing!
My son Tom has just started college at Sparsholt so I will be spending more time near Winchester, I have to get to the Cathedral apparently there is an Antony Gormley in the crypt!
Have a great time in Bridport, I love it there, have a walk on the beach at Burton Bradstock for me.
Tracey x

galant said...

What a truly delightful post - I might write more later, just off to watch Gareth Malone prog (how could I possibly miss that!) but I just had to say DON'T ON ANY ACCOUNT PAINT THOSE LOVELY CHAIRS! They are beautiful as they are! They might need a little cushion to make them comfy, but please ON NO ACCOUNT, ANYONE, TRY AND GIVE THEM A 'VINTAGE' LOOK! Reserve pots of paint for really tatty pieces of furniture, not lovely wood like this!!!
Margaret P

Linda Gilbert said...

Those chairs are seriously looking for a good home ! In other words are for sale so if anyone is interested please email Linda --
Sorry to advertise on youe space Sal xx

Jane and Chris said...

I spent from 1981 to 1986 in Hampshire but cannot remember the bus name...even though my trip to Portsmouth Poly involved said bus!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a lovely morning was really refreshing!
Enjoy your couple of days away too!
Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

carol at home said...

I remember watching Houseparty sometimes with my Grandmother.

Andi's English Attic said...

Before they introduced the guitar theme tune there was a song that began the programme. It was going through my head just yesterday, funnily enough. I remember Jack from his HOW days, too.
It sounds as though you had a lot of fun at your meeting. Have a lovely trip across the border. xx

Dorothy Sims-Crumpet said...

Worzel Gummidge scared the bejeebus out of me, it's the voice, but my brother and I LOVED Houseparty and would watch it during half term.

Rubys mamma x said...

Oh Sal im so glad you loved your time in hampshire so much, i wouldnt want my girls and i to grow up anywhere else! Im a real home-bird....Loved Worzel Gummidge, i remember watching it during the daytime at home with my mum before i started school....i think the buses were called wilts and dorset before hants&dorset??...Lots of love xxx