Sunday, 12 September 2010

The wonderful weekend! ;-)

Well...can you believe this?

We stood in Budleigh Salterton, on Friday, underneath this sign, open mouthed!

'Tea Tiffin and Tat' it is not...but it's pretty darn close, I should say!!

Litigation I reckon!

LOL! ;-)

Budleigh Salterton is a lovely little place but obviously no good for sandcastles!

Otherwise this B&B would be called 'Sand' !

We were on our way to Dorset and had planned to...

...yet pack a lot into the weekend.

We left Budleigh Salterton and by lunch time we were mooching around Fountains Antiques in Honiton.

No photos of Honiton...I am ALWAYS disappointed with Honiton...but my 'star' find in

Fountains will feature very soon!!


Charmouth next!

The weather was threatening but nevertheless that did not stop us.

After Charmouth, a brief stop in Axminster...well...the jury is out on Axminster...not much

there really, is there?!

I didn't even like the look of the River Cottage Cafe...sorry if I have said the wrong thing but I

thought it looked very uninspiring !!

''You have reached your destination... ha ha ha , you are a genius''

(Anyone with The Simpsons Sat Nav will get that!!)

This was our destination and this was heaven!

Nestled in the Marshwood Vale, with stunning scenery all around, this 16th Century farmhouse was our home for just two nights.

Phew! We slept well on Friday night!

We needed to!

We had a date with Hen, Harry and Andy, in Bridport and not forgetting

The Girl's Own Store!!

I mean , could Mr S contain himself?!

My purchases were not many...but I was pleased with what I found!!

Next time's blog for that!

Bridport was heaving and we'd soon had enough, which was fine as I had fabric on the brain.

We were soon off to Ilminster for...

The Talent for Textiles Fair!

In my excitement, I only took two photos but this stall of Donna's was the best stall there, by far...absolutely beautiful!

And that was Saturday, over in a flash!

Sunday was just as manic but my camera stayed firmly inside my bag.

Hen, Andy and Harry had very kindly invited us for coffee, which was a real treat

and the idea was that we would follow them to the Yeovil Car Boot Sale.

Our finds there were almost nil..but our grasp of the Polish language is now pretty good!


Nuff said...!!

We're back home now! We had a brilliant weekend!

Mamy nadzieję, że był zbyt dobry weekend!!


(And 'show and tell' next time!!)


KC'sCourt! said...

Wow! You packed a lot in your weekend. I know exactly what you mean about Honiton. Not sure if the pottery is still there but the Honiton Lace shop has long gone!
Julie xxxxxxxxx

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

We seem to follow the same routes as you, the first & last time that we went to the same CB we bought exactly the same amount of items!
T x

Linda Gilbert said...

Glad you had such a lovely time!

Hen said...

It was great to see you both, Sal. Now you never mentioned this star find in Honiton... As for the car booty, I found some crackers, girl! You need sharp elbows to get past the Eastern European contingent. Thanks for coming to see us.
Hen xxx

Tilly Rose said...

Oh how beautiful!
Glad you enjoyed your little adventure....
Karen x x x

galant said...

What a cracking weekend, as Wallace would say to Grommit!
Margaret P

landcuckoo said...

What a great weekend, lovely lovely pictures Sal
Take care
Sarah x

landcuckoo said...

What a great weekend, lovely lovely pictures Sal
Take care
Sarah x

Jill said...

I have just come across your blog through the lovely HenHouse blog. We lived in Budleigh for many years and had a beach hut your photos were lovely, although we still go often as all 3 of my sons live near.
Looks like you had a lovely weekend, I shall be re-visiting!!Wished a lived a little nearer to visit your wednesday monring Tea, Tiffin and Tat!

Julie said...

what a wonderful weekend. My Dad lives in Budleigh, but I've never noticed that tea shop sign before - it's one I'll have to check out now!! Know exactly what you mean about Honiton too, although I do disagree as far as River Cottage goes (well, actually, I agree that it doesn't look much, but the food - definitely makes up for the surroundings!) How lovely to meet up with Hen and her family, and it looks and sounds like the rest of the weekend was wonderful. Look forward to finding out what those star finds were!

Donna said...

Awwwww thank you for your sweet comments about my stall, you are kind.

What a lovely life you have Sal. I really enjoy your trips away and the photos :-)

It was soooo nice to see you and Terry on Saturday and I am glad that it was quiet so that we could find time to chat as we are usually selling in different rooms when we get together!! Terry made me and Mum laugh so much, he is fab!!

Looking forward to seeing you in Totnes, not long now xxx

Kelly said...

You always find the loveliest places to visit! You should write a guide book!!

Anonymous said...

Why are all these lovely places so far away from me!! Still, at least I get to visit them on your blog!!

Josie-Mary said...

Blimey what a busy weekend :) Sounds like you had a ball!!!!

Florence and Mary said...

Looks like just the right way to spend a weekend,

Victoria xx

Pennyblossoms said...

A trip down Memory Lane for me. I was at school near Axminster for a while...beautiful area. And swimming twice a week in the outdoor pool in Honiton-wonder if that is still there? Oh, happy days!
Z xx