Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Sal's Tuesday Snippets!

After Biz Baz in Ashburton, I nipped across the road to The Vintage Emporium.

It had been a few weeks since my last visit and I noticed many new additions, scattered around this delightful shop.

So please take a little leisurely wander around, with me...

And do resist the temptation to sit down!

This is vintage at its best and it's also the perfect example of how you can mix vintage and modern, to create an effective look.

I loved the autumn colours in this rug...a gentle reminder of the season which is almost upon us.

But I was really very tired by now and all that I wanted to do was to get home to...

And finally...

Tomorrow morning , something new is occurring in my kitchen!

Tea, Tiffin and Tat!

My idea was that it would be a get together, once a month, of like minded people who love to
chat, show their wares and even sell them, drink tea/coffee and generally have a fun time.
Nothing serious. ;-)

We shall see and I'll report back!!

Come along if you are 'in the area'!! 10.30 til 1 !



Vintage-ish said...

Lovely pictures! thanks for making an "armchair tour" possible! Lidi x

baysiderose said...

What a gorgeous shop Sal. It looks looks like my kind of place. Thanks for the tour.

LissyLou said...

that sounds lovely, i'd come along if it wasn't a 5 hr drive away!

galant said...

Ooh, I can see so many lovely things that would look simply spiffing in my new little summerhouse!
Margaret P

The Weaver of Grass said...

I am totally green with envy at the lovely shops you have down there. Wish I could drop in for a coffee and a chat!

landcuckoo said...

Have a wonderful time tomorrow, I think that is a great idea and if I were less than 4 hours or so away I'd be there too!
Great pics of some lovely things, could happily make any of them at home in my house!
Take care
Sarah x

dosierosie said...

That looks like a great place to wile away an hour.

Clare said...

wish i lived nearer for your new TTT meetings!That shop looks fab too ( maybe its a good thing i dont live near or i'd be broke!)

Twiggy said...

I love our shopping trips Sal :)
Twiggy x

Kelly said...

What gorgeous pictures!!!
Do pop over to take part in my massive giveaway!

Carol said...

Hi Sal, a fabulous shop, some beautiful things, especially like the leaf rug.
I am sure you will have a lovely Tea, Tiffin, and Tat day tomorrow.
Carol xx

funkymonkey said...

I wish i could come to the TTT. I'd have to skive off work though


Julie said...

looks like such a lovely shop - love those quilts. TTT sounds like a great idea too, hope you had a good time.