Friday, 27 August 2010

Wish you were here! ;-)

I just love these old county postcards and for a long time I've have been itching to do something with a vintage England theme.

I was given this jigsaw when I was very young.

It's probably the only thing I've kept from my childhood and
it's the original one, before reorganisation in 1974....and it's the one which 'educated me' re the counties of England. I would sit for hours and play with it.

I am always quite horrified that when, on University Challenge, any questions come up about the English counties, the students rarely answer them correctly!
I think all students should have one of these on their coffee play with during their spare time! LOL ;-)

I've got the post 1974 version too...and also a couple more, which have odd pieces missing!

So I thought, why not combine the postcards, the jigsaw pieces, some vintage fabric pieces and a bit of an imagination..stir it all up in that pot of mine and work on some county clipboards!

Why not indeed!

And there's no better place to start than Devon!

But I used the South Devon postcard as it was rather nice!

I padded the bottom of the board so that it can be used as a pin cushion.
I covered it with vintage fabric and stuck the postcard on the top.

I stuck a small magnet on the Devon county jigsaw piece.
Thankfully, the top of the clipboard is magnetic.

And at the mo it's still a work in progress as I start to faff around with fabrics and papers.

Talking of fabrics, just by chance these arrived, this week...

120 pieces of vintage 30s/40s cotton

Adorable or what????!!

And whilst I was down on the floor playing with them, I matched them up with some modern new with an old twist.

I just love doing things like this!

And the new just sets off the old..and vice versa!

I'm a huge fan of mixing old and new and if it's done properly it can look stunning!

But I was sidetracked! I have some jigsaws to make and some counties to visit!

Have a lovely weekend !



LissyLou said...

you've been busy sal!! good work xx

galant said...

Love that jigsaw puzzle of the British Isles. Similarly, I have some lovely postcards of book covers from those Batsford books from the 1930s and 1940s. I'm not a crafter so haven't turned them into anything useful, like a clipboard, but they would make a wonderful large picture, if they were all gathered together, mounted and framed.
Margaret P

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

I agree with you about students not knowing their counties! I love the postcards. SueXXX

dosierosie said...

love the mix of fabrics.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Ooh! Lots of colourful loveliness!
Great idea with the postcards & puzzle pieces.


Miss Holly said...

You've given me inspiration for the whole day! thanks!!! I'm heading to my fabric pile,
( mountian......)
Happy day to you all!

KC'sCourt! said...

You have been busy I love them!
Julie xxxxxx

Dorothy Sims-Crumpet said...

Love this!

Carol said...

Love the county boards, what an original idea.
The material is beautiful.

Jane and Chris said...

I want to come and play at your house!

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

your county boards are super , what a great idea!!
I think I had a jigsaw a bit like yours when was small, I wonder what happened to it ?
Louise x

Anonymous said...

If you think students are ignorant about English counties, just try asking them about Scottish ones - an awfulblot of them seem to think that 'Scotland' is a county!! But having said that, there are probably a lot of Scottish people don't know where my beautiful (adopted) county of Roxburghshire is .... just above Northumberland!!

Toby Tea Cozy said...

Oh I love playing with fabrics too! The notice board is fantastic, very inventive!

Andi's English Attic said...

What a great idea!
I had that jigsaw too. Loved playing with it. xx

Bobbie Lynn said...

Great idea Sal with your post cards and jigsaw. Very colorful fabric. I love to play with fabric for awhile before I use it. Have a lovely weekend.

Menopausal musing said...

Yes I wish I was there..... Oh to play with those fabrics!!! Great work, love the mix of old and new.

Ally Johnston said...

Big fan of jigsaws anyway so loved your old one. I like the vintage fabrics, so beautifull and you've played around with them to create some stunning combinations.