Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Rocke Cottage Tea Rooms...anyone for tea and a giveaway?!!

Ok, so we've arrived at Clungunford!

...ever heard of it?!

There's not a lot there but what is there, is absolutely charming!

The Rocke Cottage Tea Room

This is where you go for tea when you are in the vicinity!

It's the perfect little place and you'll love it, both inside
and out!

Plenty of room to park your bike and lots of car parking space too.

So, what would madam desire from this fine menu?

Afterwards, you can wander around the garden, which is so pretty.

Do go to this gallery page:

Sit down and have yet another cuppa whilst browsing...imagine that you are there!

The pics are better than mine!;-)

Here's the rest of the info:


I do declare the Rocke Cottage Tea Rooms to be the loveliest in the land...!

Unless you know better!

And now for the giveaway:

Tell us about your favourite tea rooms /coffee house/ cafe.


And so that's the end of our Shropshire 'jolly' for now!

Hope you enjoyed our journey as much as we did!



KC'sCourt! said...

I have three favourite Tea Rooms. Periwinkle Tea Rooms at Selworthy Somerset ten minute drive from our house.
Greys Tearooms in Totnes Devon.
Both of these very different, but both serve excellent tea.
and the new kid on the block
Mr Miles Coffee and Tea House in Taunton.
all three have excellent service and if anyone asked me which one I would recommend it would have to be all three!
Julie xxxxxx

All things nice... said...


That looks like such a perfect place. I adore pretty tea rooms, here in Ireland we don't have alot of quaint ones, most tend to be modern, however this is a nice one The Sheelin Tea Shop, or Sorry for the links. I also like Clarinda's in Edinburgh which I blogged about last month.

All things nice...

galant said...

I agree with KC's Court, and vote for Grey's Dining Room (called thus but it's really a tea room) in Totnes. Many years ago we also visited the Old Post Office in Dunsford (Teign valley) and that was lovely, too, but it might've changed as the visit was more than ten years ago - but the garden was wonderful, a haven for butterflies and birds. And, of course, it had the most delicious scones, jam and cream. Also, during the summer, as it's closed in the winter, the tea room attached to Hill House Nursery & Garden at Landscove, Totnes. Lovely scones, cream and home-made jam.
Margaret P

Country Cottage Chic said...

Well, it has to be the Vintage Tearoom at the V&H Fair doesn't it?

Another favourite is Hobbs House bakery in Nailsworth.In fact anywhere that seves a good cup of tea & a slice of delicious cake will do!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, this is a difficult one .... is it the Woodside Garden Centre in Ancrum for their wonderful soups, or The Pickled Orange in Hawick for their amazing scones, The Jammy Coo in Lilliesleaf for the ambience - and while I'm typing this Malcolm is listing even more - I think our answer is that it depends wheher we want a cuppa and a scone or lunch......

Jane and Chris said...

Sadly, tea rooms are not a plenty here in rural Ontario. I do remember a pretty little place in Coventry, I cannot remember it's name but it was in a very old building behind the Belgrave theatre and served homemade cakes on mismatched china;beautiful.
I also remember in Fareham there used to be a tea room called "The Dairy" (I think). It used to be our treat after shopping to head in there for a dainty prawn sandwich.

Josie-Mary said...

It looks beautiful.
My favourite cafe used to be the swing bar in The Real McCoy. It was when it was part of Mr Bumble Bees.... I loved it! Mini juke boxes & real swings at the bar :)

anne bebbington said...

Our favourite has to be 'Buffers' just the other side of the river from Bolton Abbey at Storiths in the Yorkshire Dales. It's run by a local farmer who has a passion for model trains which fill the upper gallery (this hits DH's spot) and is situated in the old outbuildings of his farm - if you're lucky there will be baby calves in the loose boxes next door and their home made cakes are delicious ( which of course hit mine)

landcuckoo said...

How lovely is that! I just love the sculptures and the rickety steps and a tree house too!

As for my favourite tea rooms - it has to be what is now called The Station House at Holmsley in the New Forest. We always called it the Holmsley Tea Rooms but don't know if we made that up or if the name did change!
I have no idea what the cakes taste like as I always have the clotted cream tea, it would be wrong to change my order! The best scones and tea to be found with plenty of clotted cream and jam to be portioned out over your scones!

Take care, lovely photos Sal
Sarah x

LissyLou said...

you always visit such lovely place Sal!

My fave tearooms...mmm i've been to so many. One that is lovely and quite near to where i live is Tea on the green in Danbury, Essex.

Bev C said...

Thank you for the lovely post. I felt as if I was in the garden. My favourite place to have a cuppa is at our local Bookshop Cafe. Lots of books to look at but sorry no garden.
Happy days.

Anonymous said...

I've just been away to Cornwall and thought that today I'd catch up with favourite blogs. What a treat Sal. You've been to some of my very favourite places and some that I haven't seen yet. I can remember seeing the tearoom featured in several magazines under its previous owners and have always wanted to visit since then but never have. I love Hay and Ludlow too, although I haven't been to the new Zani Lady - but then I do have another week off work. As for favourite tea rooms - they are all my favourite. Last week's favourite was the Chapel tearooms in Zennor, with its lovley chapel setting, fantastic cakes and Led Zeppelin music in the background - heaven.


dosierosie said...

My favourite is called the rocket house cafe which overlooks the beach at Cromer.

Andi's English Attic said...

I'm afraid I can't tell you where my favourite tearoom is as we found it whilst lost in Devon. We'd been driving around on a very wet day, quite miserable and found a sign saying 'cream teas'. Following the very dark and windy lane we came to a farmhouse, sat by the fire and was served the BEST cream tea. Homemade scones, homemade jam and homemade clotted cream ('I've got this cow, you see...). Never found the place again. So wish we'd taken notes. xx

Rosie said...

I've really enjoyed your last few posts, Sal - I'm off to Ludlow this weekend and may just have to have a diversion to find the Rocke Cottage tea rooms! My favourite tea rooms around here are Greystones Tea room at Leek and The Ramblers' Retreat at a place called Dimmingsdale. There is also a tiny one at Onecote in a couple's conservatory - not many tables but the food is wonderful and so well presented:)

Clare said...

Your tea room looks delightful and I'm feeling in need of a scone! One of my favourite places to go is Hansel and Gretel in Bath. Upstairs it sells German wooden christmas decorations and cuckoo clocks but downstairs there is the strudel bar! It is a small place where we all go every Christmas time to enjoy a hot 'berbel' (chocolate,cinnamon and cream!)and some cherry strudel. You can sit amongst the beautiful cuckoo
clocks and gingham and last year they even had a tv screen streaming views from the Swiss christmassy!

Louise said...

I may be too late to enter your giveaway Sal, but please feel free to pop over to my blog to enter mine. I have no particular favourite tearoom, but I do remember having a very, very nice cream tea with lashings of clotted cream, at Docton Mill Gardens in Devon. You may not be too far away to give one a try! x